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Who won't allow us to swap flavours?

Why are we not allowed to swap packs and who won't allow us? I don't really understand this as surely if we have paid for them it's up to us whether we swap them or not, and who exactly says we musn't do it?
I think it makes perfect sense to swap with someone else so you are both happy and more inclined to stick to the diet if you have flavours you like. :confused:
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You mean on this website? I guess in case people dont send what they say they will as then people would be complaining to the people who run the website and so on.
can we give them away? I have soups in my drawer going to waste haha bleuch!
Thanks Pierce and Starlight for the replies, sorry, I missed that, I had thought maybe the forum was sponsored by Exante and that was why.I've got to say, I still don't think it makes a whole lot of sense, I'm going to be binning almost 40 packs of shakes as both the chocolate and the vanilla give me diarrhoea. I would rather have given them away, seems a shame, but I'll abide by the rules.
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ahh you cant bin them what a waste, just keep hold of them you might find someone you know whos doing it and might want to swap ( not through the forum of course to abide by rules) but you cant throw away money like that. just keep hold of them you never know what could happen in future you might even get used to them. what a shame plenty of peoples favs are choc and vanilla.
i've not tried any of the shakes hot but i'd like to have something warm in a mug. i was really hoping i'd like the soups but so far na-da. i can see that they'll be going to waste too!
It's not that I don't like the taste, I really enjoyed the chocolate hot and made with more water, it's that they don't seem to like me. Every time I've tried either flavour I have the runs, maybe handy to keep for if I get constipated, lol. For some reason I am absolutely fine with the strawberry and banana - I know, I'm weird.:)
Yes I wouldn't throw them away it's not very green and there are people starving and all that stuff! I quite often would like to give people one that I see in the street etc who need a wee helping hand to lose weight especially if they are quite big and look unconfortable but I guess that wuldn't go down very well.

It is funny as in the beginning I totally loved the bars but they have started giving me a windy tummy and when other people said they didn't suit them I thought it was a bit wierd. Then I never drank any vanilla shakes until I tried the latte thing -now I quite like them even though I would normally never drink latte.

I'm off to have a very yummy soup now cos I like them very much!!
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