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Whoop Whoop Day 4!!!


I am so chuffed, I have made it to day four and I am feeling good :clap: I have got so much energy I was dancing around to the radio at 6.30 this morning much to my daughters amusement ;)

Still have the disgusting taste in my mouth so it can't just be the chocolate orange shake, have brought one of those mouth freshner sprays to use - is that ok?

Another questions is how often do you weigh yourself? I was really tempted today but did not want to get my head out of it's good place with a no loss weigh in so avoided the scales!!


PS I think this site is fab, spent some time yesterday reading through old posts to get some tips!
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is gonna do it!!
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Hi Mrs T

Im on day 4 too!!
Feeling good, not good enough to dance about tho, that'll be later!!
I was sooo tempted to weigh myself this morning, but resisted. I have my weigh in on Sat morning, can't wait. I hope I lose at least 5 pounds.
well done, yes the mouth spray is fine hun, and try not to weigh yourself hun, if you follow the diet 100% you cant fail so just sit back and look forward to wi day.xxx
Ah well done well done. I'm only on day 2 and I think cos I'm feeling so very positive this time I feel really ok in myself...not hungry! Yet! x


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I think I was about to kill myself on day 5 but now im on day 15 and because of significant weight loss, I am chuffed to bits with the diet (espesh as now I can have bars...yum!)


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well done hun, I am on day2, so far not too bad, i just can't wait to be weighed to see how much I have lost in a week.
I am on day 4 aswell, i have weighed myself though... loved what i saw... 7lb lost!!! OMG

how are you all finding the diet?
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I'm on day... well technically i'm up early so three! :p ... I can't wait for ketosis to kick in but am not finding it too hard (slightly fuzzy headed, but otherwise fine).

I haven't got scales, and since there was a problem with my CDC's I'm not going to know how much I lost this week :(

Looking forward to the stinky breath! :p

Day 5 now and feeling good!! getting more used to the bad taste and the more I drank yesterday the better, I have actually found myself going for the choice of water naturally rather than standing staring at the diet coke and Latte! I don't have to pay at work for any drinks so it's a bit of a nightmare normally.

And another bonus last night I managed to cook for my husband and daughter :eat: how proud was I! made them fish with mash and greens and carrots. Was a healthy dinner which helped but still normally I would be picking and last night I didn't bat an eye. I just washed up the kitchen whilst they ate and then had my soup with them from a bowl with a spoon. I am trying to encourage healthy eating for them too because when I come off the plan I need to be able to cope at home with dinners etc.

How are you all getting on?

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Aww - well done Nina!!!! As of yet I'm refusing to go anywhere near food! My living situation means I don't have to be around people eating in the evening, but today I'm putting of going to the laundrette because usually I would have breakfast/brunch in the cafe next to it while waiting - and I don't know what else to do for two hours!
well how much would you normally spend on breakfast? why not spend that on a nice glossy magazine to read and a water? or read a book? listen to your favorite music and chill out?


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I hated the choc orange shake too - minging is the best way to describe it!

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