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Who's 5'3" and what's your target?

I'm 5'3" and aiming for either 10.5 (an even 7st loss) or 10.3 (100lb) loss. I'll still be slightly away (only a couple of pounds) from a healthy BMI.

Just curious what other people of a similar height are aiming for? I can't see myself ever being 9-something! Don't have the genes for it! ;)
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I'm 5'3" and i started out about your start weight and currently about the weight you want to be. Now i'm here i think I need to lose another stone really. People say I don't but they don't see what I see in the mirror! :eek:
I'm 5'2 and my target is 10.1 but i fluctuate within target between 10.0 and 10.3.5 reguarly and i think thats best for me. Could proberly do with loosing another half a stone as i still ahve 'puppy fat' but im healthy and a size 10 xx

I'm 5ft 3.5in. My target weight is around 9.5st. It's what I weighed when I was last really happy with how I looked and felt.
I've only ever got to 10st and people said I looked gaunt - but I was doing LighterLife at the time so that might have had something to do with it! Plus, people had never seen me at that weight before so I think they were shocked.

I guess I'll just wait and see how I feel when I get there!
Here's a pic of me at the end of LL - weight around 10st. At that time I remember thinking my thighs were HUGE!


I'm between 5' 3" and 5' 4". I ahve been as low as 9st 2lbs, very unhealthily whilst going through a divorce. It felt great, but true, male, friends said I looked awful. Looking back, my hip and neck bones really jutted out, and probably wasn't the best. I loved 10st, and that's wehere I want to be again.

im 5'4 and my ideal target is 9stone, although last time i didnt get that far and called my target at 9stone7.


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Stacey, you looked lovely at 10 stone, and I am sure you look just as lovely now!

I am 5' 3" and my initial target was 9 stone which I targeted at 5 years ago.
When I was struggling a bit, even though I was sticking to SW 100%, my consultant suggested I make a more reachable target so I chose 10 stone 5. I am five pounds away and I think I'll re-target to 9 stone 5, then I'll see.
I loved being 9 stone and fitting nicely into size 10 clothes, although I was told I looked too gaunt.
At the moment I am fitting into most of my size 12 clothes, though not all but ideally I want to be back to 10's. I'll just see how it goes.
I'd like to be a UK size 12 - think I'd be happy there. Although with all the shops having different sizes you can never be a 'true' size 12!


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Hi Stacey. First of all- weet weel! You are very gorgeous. Secondly, i'm 5'3 and am aiming for 140 lbs but really I'd like to stabilise at 139lbs!
I'd like to be a UK size 12 - think I'd be happy there. Although with all the shops having different sizes you can never be a 'true' size 12!
funny you say that because I was thinking of your thread and thinking back to before I had the children and I was 8stone 3lbs (ish) and a size 10; now i'm 10st 3lb-7lbs and a size 10. Go figure!! lol
I'm also between 5ft 3 & 5ft 4, & I am aiming for 10st 5. I have 7lbs to go! I have been really skinny, but that was during a difficult time in my life, & friends told me I had the sucked lemon look - sunken cheeks I think they meant LOL. I was 8 & half stone, & I knew I looked unwell. I think 10-10 & half stone is just right. Personally I am not really bothered by my BMI:- after all, wasn't some athlete (Linford Christie??) was classed as obese on that scale?
Oh dear.. i'm the odd one out :eek: My target's 13st 7lb :eek: which i know is more than most people START at!

But having been over 20st, 13st 7lb will do me nicely thanks, as last time i was that weight i was a size 14 which is my ultimate goal :D Although, i'll re-assess when i get there i'm sure!
I'm 5' 2" and I want to be 10st 4lb because that's what I was when I got married 17 years ago and always look at my wedding photos thinking 'if only I could get back to that weight!'


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I'm 5 foot 4 and 14 stone, but used to be 23 stone and want to be 10 stone, though 10 and a half will do me just fine!
I'm 5 ft 3 ins and I'm hoping for about 9 - 9.5 stone. The lightest I have been before was 8.12 (about 15 yrs ago!) and I loved it - mind you I only managed to stay at that weight for about 3 months, LOL.

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