Why am I so cold?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Sunflowers, 30 May 2007 Social URL.

  1. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    I'm not joking, I'm REALLY cold!!!!!! My hands, feet and even my nose are absolutely freezing to touch, I'm never normally like this!!

    I spent yesterday in a study day with a coat on - while everyone else was in a t-shirt and had a fan on because they were hot!!!

    I'm now on day 3 of SS (having done 1000 plan til now) - does this mean I'm in ketosis?
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  3. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    It's because you're not putting much food in your body. When your body digests the food it creates body heat. If there's no food to digest, there's not much in the way of body heat being created.

    And you may well be in ketosis now that you're on day 3. Well done.
  4. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Thanks Debs, you'd think as a nurse I'd figure that one out!!!!!!!!! :doh:

    Ooooooooooooh, and I've just peed on a stick - it went pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM IN KETOSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. CherryValentine

    CherryValentine Full Member

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    Yayyyyyy thats brill. Im just waiting for my sticks to arrive, hope they come today Im looking forward to testing my pee :rotflmao:
  6. FatAsh

    FatAsh Member

    Cambridge Diet
    That is brilliant !!

    I am in my 4th week of CD SS and I'm ALWAYS cold, but I don't mind if it means losing weight fast.
  7. smoorecats

    smoorecats Full Member

    Weight Watchers
    Just wrap up and keep warm as best you can, the water flavourings are nice hot and help to warm you up a bit :)

  8. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    Oh the cold touch of ketosis!!!

    I have always been a toasty warm kind of girl but I have really noticed since I started CD and went into ketosis I am a lot colder than usual - good job I look better in layers ;) but I am really looking forward to warmer weather!
  9. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    I'm cold a lot of the time as well sunflower - have started going to bed in a cardigan and a pair of socks:eek: how romanic is that :giggle: Well done on the pink stick - keep going :D
  10. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Yay! ketosis!!!
    I am on day 17 and I feel cold today. Every few days I have a day of feeling cold - I will warm up later on hopefully!!
    Keep on going!! You;ll soon be in that dress and looking perfect!!!
  11. Giggly

    Giggly Cambridge Counsellor

    Yeah I'm frozen too.

    Last night I was sat/laid on the sofa - we had central heating on full blast, I had PJ's on, leg warmers, slippers, dressing gown, two cushions pulled either side of my body and a single quilt over me. Oh and a rather attractive furry Tigger hot water bottle rested over both ankles! lol!

    Its the only way I can keep my blood circulating!!!

    And it's nearly June!!!!:eek:

  12. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    hee hee hee - giggly, we have a giraffe hot waterbottle called gertrude, she's fab and is keeping me warm at the moment too!!!

    It's almost reassuring to know it's not just me that's cold!!!!

    And I'm glad I'm doing this in the run up to summer - how on earth did you guys do this over winter?!!
  13. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    I'm always cold.....Infact my hubby has just in from work & moaning how hot the house it?! It's bluddy freezing!!!!

    That's one down fall of being slim i can't ever seem to get warm like i used to!....xxxx
  14. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    Yeah ur in ketosis!:bliss:
  15. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    cambridge diet
    This has been the warmest winter on record and while i was ss i must have had the highest gas bill known to man. :rotflmao:
  16. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    lol Sallies..

    Thanks Pix, I feel absolutely fine this morning, I'm sat here in a t-shirt and pj shorts and I ~still~ have warm toes!!!! I am feeling better each morning, just the afternoons and evenings I'm starting to feel grotty...

    But I'm 3 days in - only another 15 to go, I can do that!!!
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