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Why am i sooo thirsty?

Hey guys, since starting the LT programe ive not been able to quench my thirst even though ive been drinking loads and loads (approx 4 litres of water/black tea/black coffee per day plus the water that i use to make my shakes) my mouth always feels so dry. Ive got some Ketostix from the chemist but when ive used them they vary from beige to very pale pink so showing that im not really in Ketosis. Has anyone elso been thirsty? What can i do to stop feeling like im spittin feathers lol x x
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Otherwise known as Jools
Part of the dry mouth could be a ketosis sign - I had a horrid taste in my mouth a lot of the time. The only way to try and remove that was to brush my teeth regularly and use a mouthwash. It is said that only some types of toothpaste and mouthwash can be used so that it does not take you out of ketosis - but I never had that problem. Maybe if you sipped your water with loads of ice cubes - that might help. Or even just sucking on ice cubes - always worth a try :D good luck .
OOh i do hope it is a sign of ketosis as the Ketostix keep telling me otherwise lol, ive not heard about the toothpaste thing :confused: i will ask on Monday when i have my next weigh in, ive been using my usual Colgate. I think im going to try and drink less coffee if i can to see if that helps, it would be so nice if they had water flavourings for a bit of a change. I just really couldnt understand how i am so thirsty drinking gallons and gallons of water lol x x


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I drink loads too!!

The reason why the ketostix are so pale is because you drink loads, you are probably in ketosis. Check your first wee in the morning for a better sign of ketosis.

I always thought you were allowed up to 4.5l of water/fluid a day as well as your shake water but the other day my pharmacist said the 4.5l included shake water???????????????????????


Otherwise known as Jools
I think that if you drink more than 4.5l a day you start to "wash" away the nutrients. 2-3 litres of water is plenty plus your shakes. Of course if you have a bar then you need add in some more water. :)

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