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why am I struggling so much

I have a good run for about 2 weeks and then I seem to have some really low days where I just want to eat. I dont even want to eat anything bad it is always a chicken salad I crave.

Everyone ordered food in the pub earlier and I had to go to the toilet, where I cried. Which is ridiculous.

I really don't want to stop tfr, but does anyone allow themselves anything once every couple of weeks or anything? Does it affect your losses at all?

I am just so miserable at the moment, and to be honest a bit dubious about posting this after last time :(
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I think your just being too tough on yourself, I dont care what anyone says, TFR is difficult! Its only natural to struggle at time to time, unless your a machine! Have you done your add a meal week?
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Hey Rachael, I totally understand. I did 4 weeks of total solution and then decided to do total solution during the week and then food during the weekend. It kind of works for me even though it has slowed down my weight loss but I just reached a stage where I couldnt bear another weekend of just shake, soup, bar.... Craving a chicken salad is not a bad thing surely. What about doing working solution rather than total solution? I honestly dont think it would slow your losses dramatically. Whatever you decide, good luck-you're doing really well xx
It is a tough diet, chick. My advice would be to try to resist. You're doing so so well.

For me a little bit of this and that here and there (no matter how healthy) leads me onto the slippery slope




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Hi Racheal maybe you need to eat one meal a day. I know that the weight loss will probably be slower but if it means that you feel better about the whole thing it might be worth it and it is an option that being on Exante offers you. After a little while of doing this you might feel more inclined to go back to 100%. We all need a break sometimes.
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i think you should have small meal a day and see how your weight loss goes, dont be too hard on yourself you are only human i am sure we have all been there, keep your chin up we are all behind you x
Well I took myself to bed last night nice and early, had a word with myself. I have 62 days left on this, so I have decided to have a chicken salad every two weeks to keep me going and have something to look forward. I don't want to slow my losses, I want to go home and wow my family at xmas (I wont be seeing them until then) and I also just want to do this now!

I have woken up with renewed motivation, I think it has just been a very stressful and emotional week


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Hi jools sorry i just saw the post i know youve said your going to have a chicken salad every 2 weeks but what i was going to suggest is on the day of your weigh in each week have a chicken salad or vegor some fish and that way you will have something to look forward to each week and that way it wont affect your weekly weigh ins as you will have all week to catch up doing tfr. I hope this advice helps hun.


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Racheal you are doing so so well you have lost an astonishing amount of weight
I think whatever works for you if that chicken salad does it then that is what you
should do to keep you going until you get to goal and you are very determined so
you will get there just try if possible to forget about the plan and the Wi's cause it is a plan it's not your life that starts at Xmas and the
time will go before you can say Mosoltov! X


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Racheal I don't think you are the one who needs professional help!!!!!!! :8855:
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