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why are people soooo negitive??


getting slimmer
i have just been to my friend house for an ann summers party, where as you can imagine there was plenty of wine flowing - rather freely!!

i decided to not drink, and stick to water as i really dont want to ruin this at the mo.

everybody noticed straight away, and a few people (who i didnt really know) asked what diet i was on.

i explained (in breif) and there thoughts were a mixture of.....
- shouldnt do that, its dangerous
-your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to all the fat it can
- it will make you ill
- you'll put it all back on
- you get even fatter when you stop
- its just a money making sheme and i should just eat healthy and exercise more.

you can imagine.

not ONE person, (apart from my close friend who i see regularly)
said, but you looking really good,
or 18lbs wow well done.

just all condemed it and changed the subject!


why are people so quick to critersise, but not to compliment?

sorry for the rant, feel a little better now!!
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I would have just told them they're entitled to comment once they've researched the diet and not before.
You're doing really well hun just ignore the idiots of the world (that would be a high percentage of the population!);)


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Hi Maria, unfortunately thats the way people are. If they dont understand something they stick together and say demeaning things instead. I had the same kind of thing happen to me this week.
Try not to dwell on it, as your doing so well, and remember you dont have to justify yourself to anyone! Your doing this for you.

Instead think how well you did by not drinking and sticking to CD for another day. Raising my glass (of water) to you now in appreciation of your committment.
I told my best friend last night, and she was the opposite. She had vaguely heard of CD but didn't know much so asked me to explain. After I explained she said she was proud of my commitment and can't wait to hear of my results.


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i just tell people that my doctor is informed about what i am doing and if there is any cause for concern then they step in. and after all. they know what they are doing!!

abz xx

Lisa Marie

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That's the reason why I only told my hubby, mum, and best friend when I started the diet, I'm coming to the end now and have told a few more people and they're fine about it probably because they can see that it works and that I'm healthy. Ignore them hun and go on to prove them all wrong.


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Yeah I've been there!!
I think it's just ignorance on their part. Yes I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion but, please, let it be an informed opinion. Now I tell everyone & anyone which diet I'm doing & any negative comments I just tell them Doctor is more than pleased with me at my monthly check ups (which I asked for at the start of the diet as I was a little worried after hearing a few 'stories').
At the end of the day you are losing weight, feel great & commotted to what you are doing! You can get all the support from us xx


getting slimmer
thanks guys.
i said the doc knows all about it and they just sort off "mmmm" ed and moved the conversation on. my good friends and family have been brill though.
maybe women are just bitchy and jealous.
the majority who said it were over weight them selves!!! should of given them my cdc number!! and told them to hop on the band wagon!
never mind, got you lot for support.
fingers crossed for tomoz weigh in.
i'll show them at the next one when i'm modelling all the size 8's!! lol!! xx


please try again
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lol thats the spirit!
am sure they will be begging for the cdc's number when ur slinking past them in those size 8's
I had it again today too! My colleague overheard me telling another colleague that I would come to lunch for them but I wont be eating - so later in the day he started with:
are you on a diet? I replied yes
but you have some food don't you? no, not on this plan
well, that sounds very dangerous to me - no, it's fine
but did you hear on the news about the lady who died - yes that was a different diet, this one is fine thank you
does your doctor know about it - yes, my doctor is fully aware and very happy that I am doing it, but thank you very much for your concern
ok, shall i tempt you with food - you can try but I won't be tempted

arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! heehee!
It is funny how everyone else always likes to think they know best!
Do they really think so many people would do these diets if they were dangerous or didn't work?!
I have a friend who said this diet is dangerous, it doesn't work, you will only put the weight back on quicker when you finish, but that same friend had her first appointment with my CDC tonight after she saw that I had lost 11 lb in 1st week and have also lost inches!!!
Just goes to show they are only jealous! lol.


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
- its just a money making scheme

yes girls we should hang our heads in shame, we are making money off of cd what with all the savings on the junk foods and drinks we used to have.

oh well more money for new clothes then


getting slimmer
you all counldn't be more right.
we'll show em! xx

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