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Why are you doing this ??

Wee Doll

Silver Member
im personally doing it for myself to look better and to feel healthier and to fit into clothes in every shop not just some shops and not have to adjust or feel uncomfortable in some clothes. I have it set in my mind that i want my eating habbits to change and stay changed. My goal is that i will have more confidence and feel more confident in my body

the reason i ask is because i know someone who is going to slimming world with the goal in mind that i cant wait to lose all this weight and get fit and healthy so i can eat chips and curries again

to me this is the wrong reason as really its not just about losing weight its also about chaing your eating habbits and getting healthy and STAYING healthy

whats your reasons ?
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Will be thin god dammit!!
I am doing this for my confidence but also because I have 3 gorgeous kids who are 10, 7 and 6 and I have never even been swimming with them because of my body issues!!
I want to do EVERYTHING i can with them!!!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
i have only been swimming with my daughter ( 5yrs old) because of my body issues i actually sent her to swimming lessons to learn how to swim, which is something i really wanted to do

Im still very young aswell (24) and i want to go on holiday and wear a bikini and not be embarrassed if my friends look or not have to wear a top over the bikini top because im embarrassed. i want to be able to go back to being a dancer and actually fit into the costumes and not have to have them re fitted and let out or re designed


Will be thin god dammit!!
Good reasons hun
I had an epiphany a week before I joined SW cos I couldnt get a pair of wellies over my calves!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
see thats where i look weird lol i have skinny legs ( not complaining ) and then a rubber ring belly lol

when i hit my club 10 il post pics of how ive done so far


Will be thin god dammit!!
Make sure you do!
I put my ' fat and fed up' photos on my profile and will update when i see a change!!

Wee Doll

Silver Member
i have changed alot since i started as i was pure blonde and im now brunette lol


Full Member
For me, it's partly for me and my self-esteem. I have always struggled with my weight. I had a wonderful figure when I was 16, not overweight; lovely and slim with curves in the right places. Then my parents moved away but I wanted to finish my A-Levels so I stayed behind on my own. I put on a lot of weight through bad eating habits. Then I was in a happy relationship and piled more on.

I moved back home when I was 18 and worked a lot of it off through a busy job, then I went to uni and stayed pretty much slim for my first two years. Then the third year saw me move in with a guy I stayed with for 5 years. A very unhealthy relationship and I ballooned and developed seriously bad esteem. I got very ill and this guy left because he couldn't cope.

Then, I got better and got with my (now) fiance. He's a freaky eater and loves me how I am and couldn't care if I weighed twice as much as I do now. Silly boy! Anyway, I'm the biggest I've ever been now and some of that is because of comfort eating. I suffered a miscarriage and some other traumatic life stuff and now I am ill again. However, the silly boy decided he wants to marry me. So, the other part of the reason for doing this is that I want to feel like a princess on my big day. Cliche, I know. I struggle so much with this diet but I have a goal. After that, we may start TTC. I know that weight loss will help me as I have PCOS and stuff so I've always been told carrying to term will be difficult.

I want to be a beautiful wife and a happy mother. I want to have pictures I can look back on and not worry about what I look like. I want it so badly!


Full Member
My reasons for starting slimming world is to be healthy and fit into my old clothes. I want to be happy with my body again and feel comfortable instead of feeling insecure. For the past six months I have hid away at home, too ashamed to go out cos of my size and ashamed of how out of breathe i was getting when going on the school run. I want to be a good role model to my three children and never want them to have eating problems and struggle with their weight like i have. After several different diets I know that slimming world is a long term plan, it isnt about getting a quick weight loss for me, i now have healthier eating habits and it has already changed my previously unhealthy relationship with food. Thanks to slimming world im eating healthier and starting to feel more positive.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Good luck Fray - I was welling up reading that x
Good reasons girls, always nice to have goals that are achievable, just to do normal things while living a normal life!

I'm doing this to save my life, sounds overly dramatic but true. I've hidden away at home since having my children and gained a stone a year. I was already fat to start with! I've only lost a small amount compared to what I need to but it's already made normal things easier. Like walking....:8855:

So I've finally spoken to myself sharply and joined SW. Roll on the good times.:D

Wee Doll

Silver Member
all very good reasons for joing sw girls

and i wish you all the best with your journey :D

I'm doing this because I turn 40 this year and I feel that I need to be much healthier and to protect myself against high blood pressure and cholestrol.
I want to rebuild my self confidence and to enjoy every minute of my life without being overweight.
I am excellent at beating myself up and restricting myself from doing things because I think that I shouldn't or can't.
I have changed so much over the last few months - my joy in life has returned, I'm happy and I'm excited by all of the possibilities.
Can't get much better than that really!!!!


Full Member
Because I thoroughly disgusted myself and had no confidence at all. :(

Not any more, even though I still have a long way to go. :)

I feel better about myself now than I have done in years, and I quite like it. :D


Will be thin god dammit!!
Your loss is amazing - well done you


Full Member
ladies that are some fantastic reasons!!!
mine are very similar, i want to be able to buy clothes anywhere and not in the tent section of decathlon:rolleyes:.
i want to be able to rough around with my kids without turning turnip red and sounding like a whistling kettle.
i want to look in the mirror and like the person i see, a confident happy thin woman.
there is so many things in life that i am hiding from at the moment, and always trying to find excuses not to do.
i want to live life to the full:)


Silver Member
mine was initially for my wedding (in July) and i just wanted to lose two stone for it.

i have a LOT more than that to lose, but i had never ever considered losing it all, it was just too much to think of.

now im on SW i realise i can lose it all and be slim and healthy and fit. i can't wait! so now, i'm doing it for my health, to live a long and healthy life!
This is going to sound completely daft, but i am doing this so i can have a baby with my amazing boyfriend! He is the best thing that ever happened to me and for the first time in many many years i genuinely feel loved and respected. He has seen me at 16 stone and he has seen me at 20 stone and not once did he cringe or go cold towards me! I have it good with him. Now i want to be healthier, so when we start our own family i am less likley to have problems during the pregnancy. We dont intend to have this family yet, but i dont want to wake up at 30 still with no family, and still being the size i am/was. God i sound a complete idiot!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Sammie that sounds like a fantastically sensible reason to me!

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