Why cant I do CD for longer than 2 weeks?


Why cant I do CD for longer than 2 weeks?

I think I must jus like torturing myself and wasting money. Like we all know the 1st 2 weeks of CD are the worst but like you all I managed some how and lost 9lbs in 2 weeks. My trousers were so so loose and it was such a nice feeling.

I went out to the pub with my friends on the weekend and thought il treat myself and have a meal then one thing led to another and I don’t think I need to tell you what happened. After I eate I felt really bad and guilty. My stomach was totally killing coz obviously it wasn’t used to all that food and drink especially all of a sudden. My stomach gets all bloated and a few times ive nearly been sick. I feel like im playing mind games with my stomach….does that make sense? One minute its not getting any food then after few weeks, all of a sudden it gets loads of food.

The worst thing is that the 9lbs ive lost i have put all back on.

Its not like im not committed or anything coz I lost 3 stone on slimming world and kept it off but then hit a plateau and couldn’t loose anymore weight on slimming world so that the only reason I left. I still have another 3 stone to loose.

I told the girls that work that I regretted going to the pub coz ive put all the weight back on and they said “well your going to put it all back on if you don’t eat”. I cant stop thinking about the comment that they made. I just want to prove them all wrong. I would love to take time off work so I can do this properly on my own without any distractions but that’s not possible.

Since than ive tried so hard to get back on track and start again but I just cant seem to last longer than a day. Its really really bad coz I wont eat anything at work all day then come home and totally pig out on anything in sight.

Worst thing is when I eat it doesn’t even taste nice anymore. Im jus eating coz I know that I cant. I still continue to eat even when im not hungry coz I keep thinking eat everything you want now coz you wont be eating for three months even when that nots that case.

How can I last longer than 2 weeks? Maybe I should have done LL buts its too expensive. I keep on thinking of incentives that will make me stick to it longer than 2 weeks.

I feel so so weak because I cant stick to it longer than 2 weeks.

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You are not weak - this is a really hard and drastic diet to stick to, especially when you come off it and try to get back on it.

There is no magic words that I can say to help you .... I wish I could i'd use them on myself and my clients who are struggling. When you have the will power and are in the zone this diet makes you feel great and like you can have fantastic losses. When you slip off it and try to get back on it is so much harder.

You need to ask yourself if you want to continue trying to lose weight with CD??? or if you would prefer SW??? There is no failure in deciding CD is not for you.

Take care and good luck.


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I don't think that I can add much 'cause I'm only on day 2 but I think you really have to get the mind in gear if you are to succeed and as you said it really does cost too much not to do it properly.

Between LL and CD there is not real difference they are both about food abstinence and it will give you enough time to rethink your thoughts about food. So far I've not been hungry but must say when it gets to 9pm I start to feel a little flutter of hungar but then its soon time for bed anyway.


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why not try starting a little higher up the cd plans hon. try the 810 plan or ss+. then you know that when you are getting home you are getting a small meal with very specific foods in it and it might help you keep on track?

at the end of the day you have to just hitch your guts up and do it!!

abz xx