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Why can't I lose weight?!!

Hey everyone...:(

Ok I'm in need of something...reassurance maybe...encouragement...advice?! I don't know.

I've been on Lighter Life since end of May and I quit a few weeks ago. I lost 3 and a half stone but since August (I cheated when I went on hols for 2 weeks), I've pretty much stayed the same weight so figured no point carrying on LL and changed to Weight Watchers.

I want to lose 2 and a half stone still!! :sigh:

On my first week of WW I put on 2lbs..then I had 2nd weigh in lastnight (after having a really bad weekend diet wise but having a bit of a tummy bug) and lost 6lbs! I was DELIGHTED!

HOWEVER, I was so pleased lastnight that I decided to treat myself (why do we do that?!!)...I had a bit of a binge/takeaway etc and stupidly weighed myself tonight (I've not eaten much today - cereal, ryvita and a prawn salad) and I've just discovered that I'm 6lbs heavier again!!! :eek:

How can I be 6lbs heavier in 1 night?!?!! It's not Glycogen levels..I've not been doing Lighter Life for WEEKS now so it can't be that (surely wouldn't have lost the 6lbs in first place if it was!)...

I'm just devastated because now I think I'll go back to weigh in next Tuesday and find I've gained! Plus I've got a big day/night out coming up on Saturday where I'll be drinking and out for bar lunch...normally I'd be ok about it as most people have 1 treat day but because of the 6lb gain after lastnight I'm terrified I'll keep gaining more!! I'm trying to cut down on points to repair some damage but it's still not working! :cry:

It's the next stone down I just CANNOT get to..I got to it lastnight (was 3lbs below the next stone figure) and now am back up again to 3 over!! Why can't I get down that stone and stay down on it....I can't believe I've gained the 6lbs I lost..how can that be?! Don't you have to eat 3,500 cals extra to gain a pound? It was only a takeaway and some chocolate....:cry:

Gutted. :cry:
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First DONT panic... you HAVENT put on those 6lbs. What a fantastic result losing 6lbs in a week :)

What you need to remember is WW is so different from LL & CD in that you really cant jump on the scales every day to see your weight dropping. I weigh myself once a week, same time, same place. Ive found any mid week weigh ins can see my weight fluctuate by up to half a stone.

Presumably you weighed yourself on your weigh day when you were just up and at your lightest. The next day you were recovering from a Chinese Take Away. I would NEVER weigh myself on a Tuesday after mine cos Id probably be ready to shoot myself ;)

Keep off the scales til your next weigh in. Keep to your points and it WILL even itself out.

If its any consolation I have a Chinese Meal EVERY Monday after my wi & so far its not done me any harm

Exactly what starlight said! I've been known to hop on the mid week and it's never very encouraging, especially at night!!! The only weigh in that counts in the one on WI day :D (thank god!)
THanks to both of you...it's just soooo disheartening! I didn't think anything of treating myself lastnight (even tho' I know I'll be having another bad day on Saturday when I go out) but now I've weighed myself tonight and I'm 6lbs heavier again and I'm just devastated.
I don't want a gain on Tuesday....even staying the same as lastnight would be ok but I need to stick down in that next stone bracket. I lack confidence anyway and I find it hard to believe in myself....because I'm having another bad day on Saturday should I cut down some points every day still to make up??? Also when I got weighed lastnight, I had to drop my points by 1...now that the 6lbs have gone back on, I'd be back up another point. Should I stick to the 1 point lower?
Yeah I saved 4 points today and will do tomorrow and Friday to cover Saturday but what about lastnight's binge? I've saved a couple more points today and thought I'd do the same tomorrow and Friday to repair the damage of lastnight...is that a bad idea??
Scotsnat, sorry if this is a tmi question, but any chance you're constipated or pre-menstrual? I always notice huge gains mid week when either of these are going on :rolleyes:

Either way drink loads of water and flush yourself out!
Hi Tubs....No it's definitely neither of those (wouldn't be so bad if there was either of those as an excuse!)....it's just been since the food lastnight.

Thanks Starlight....just feel so down now I've weighed myself. I mean the chances of losing 6lbs again by Tuesday are slim to none!!
Well you did it last week so you can do it again ;) It's not even weight you're losing, you just have to wait for that food to fully digest! It'll be gone in no time. If you need a boost weigh yourself tomorrow morning and you'll see a good bit of it gone already :)

Honestly Im not just saying this to make you feel better, Ive made the mistake of weighing myself midweek some times, Ive weighed myself on a Friday and shown a 4lbs gain by the Monday I was showing a 3lbs loss - 7lbs of a difference between the Friday and Monday. Because of the whole nature of WW diet its NOT a good idea to have extra wi's the way people do with LL & CD

Focus on your 6lb loss, forget the weigh in this morning, and keep going as you did last week, I bet youll be delighted on Tuesday.

DONT write this week off because of this morning :)
Thanks Starlight (and Tubs)...it just feels like WW is going to be a yoyo of a diet..up and down all the time and struggling over the same couple of pounds all the time without actually getting anywhere.
Was gutted as I'd made such a big deal telling everyone of my 6lb loss and then weighed myself tonight and found it was right back on.
Anyway...I'll stay off the scales, save some points every day to repair damage from lastnight and have a few extra for Saturday..and we'll see what Tuesday says.
Dieting is such an emotional rollercoaster sometimes....
Why can't I keep off those damn scales?!

Since my 6lb gain (24 hours after a 6lb loss! :eek:) on Wednesday night, I've been off and on those scales DESPERATE for the weight to come back off.

I've been sticking to my points (altho' I've been saving some every day to make up for the binge on Tuesday night and also in preparation for my day/night out tomorrow), I've been guzzling water like there's no tomorrow AND I've been at Curves gym Wednesday night, Thursday night and going again tonight…still there's absolutely no change to the scales! :(

Even this morning when I was up a lot during the night for the loo due to the water I'm drinking, weighed myself…still no change! It's now Friday…weigh in Tuesday…and those 6lbs are still there!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

I know I need to stop weighing myself but I'm really down in the dumps now…I know it'll be a gain on Tuesday now but 6lbs after one binge (not even a MASSIVE one)…that can't be normal. :confused:

I don't think I'm ever going to get this weight off…feeling really low today. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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I can only say what starlight has said - KEEP OF THOSE SCALES.

Don't worry so much about the results until your next weigh in. If you keep going the way that you are going, you'll get fed up and have a massive blowout before Tuesday. If you need to, take the battery out of your scales and give them to your other half to keep you off them. My weight can fluctuate as much as 4-5lbs in a week.

On WW it can take a FULL WEEK sometimes TWO for a weightloss to show up. By the looks of it, you're doing everything right so PLEASE just put the scales away until next Tuesday and TRUST YOURSELF! It may even be that you're not eating enough cos you're saving points for your big night out. Just wait and see how it balances out.

Of course it could be that you need a poo dear, have you been?

Enjoy your night out and try to relax!
had you lost the 6 pounds after having an upset tummy if so you may have been dehydrated? sorry your feeling frustrated but the imprtant thing is to draw aline under it and carry on other wise that 6 pounds will creep up and be a stone gained xx
I thought it might be that I'm not eating enough too but I can't eat more than I'm eating now as I need to save points for tomorrow and also try and repair the damage of Tuesday night...if I eat all my points too I'll gain even more :(

It's not constipation/time of the month..no problems there.

I did lose the 6lbs after my tummy bug yeah so I kinda thought that was part of the reason for the big loss but if it was dehydration, does that mean that I should just automatically put the 6lbs back on?

I feel like I'm never going to get down into the 13's!
Last W.I before Tuesday I was 14 stone 3lbs...at weigh in on Tuesday I was 13 stone 11lbs. So I was delighted as I got into 13's and was a good 3lbs under 14 stone...figured that was me into the 13's to stay. Now I'm right back up.

I want to be 11 stone...is this ever going to come?!

I now wish I hadn't come off Lighter Life in a way but then I had no social life with that and couldn't stay on the wagon anyway.

Please try to stay focused on your points and not let the scales rule your diet.
Put them away if you have to but stay off them! ;)

If you'd had a bug then the chances are that you would regain some of the weight lost, but you've still got 5 days including today before you next weigh in.

Have you thought about trying to gain a few points with exercise for Sat?

Try not to worry, it will all come right.

K xxx
Hi KittyB

Yeah I went to Curves on Wednesday night and lastnight (and going tonight) where I do 30 mins session...and I'll go again on Monday and trying to squeeze in a swim before W.I too...but even the exercise doesn't seem to be shifting it. I'm feeling destined to be stuck at this damn weight forever...plus this is the worst time of year because of nights out etc so I'm feeling it's going to delay things even further. Am trying my hardest on this diet and it's not coming off.

I was sooooo excited about 6lb loss...now I feel like an idiot because it's come right back on.