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Why can't I lose weight?!!


I will get to goal .....

Not sure whether this is much use - but thought I'd share anyway! I used to follow SW and had huge losses and gains with no apparent reason. I could lose 7lbs in a week and gain 4lbs the next then gain another 4lbs and lose 0.5! Really bizarre. After getting really disheartened by the erratic losses and sticking to it 100% I went to see a nutrionalist. It turns out I am gluten, wheat, dairy and yeast intolerant. I was of course eating loads of free dairy and pasta etc on green days and my body was reacting to that with a weight gain, red days thou = a loss.

I'm not saying for the first second that you have a food intolerance, but just wondering whether something you have eaten has upset you?

Stay away from the scales for the rest of this week, stick to plan and save your points for Saturday night, you'll have a great time I'm sure. Most importantly CHILL OUT!! When we are stressed our bodies are very good at clinging onto everything - the weight will come off, but at it's own rate.

Chin up xx
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I will get to goal .....
Oh - the other thing is exercise.

Yes it does help to shift the weight, but I find if I exercise on WI day it's upsets my loss. I seem to retain water following CV so I'm always a bit heavier.

Just another little thing to bear in mind ;)
I can't really add more that what's previously been said.
Sending you huge hugs and I hope your next wi is a good one for you ((()))