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Why can't people just be happy for you?

I think it is so common amongst friends to laugh about all our failed diets, it ruffles people's feathers a little when they hear about someone who is actually doing well. Last time I met my friends I proudly told them I'd lost 12lbs - they are supportive, but one immediately looked very serious and asked if I was being silly and starving myself! Haha, I could never starve myself!! I think losing weight is a thing so many people want and it is also something that so many of us talk about in terms of failure, to hear about success makes people insecure as suddenly your ability to lose weight is proving that dieting is not impossible. Ignore it - keep going, and anyone who doesn't accept the new slimline you wasn't a real friend to begin with :)


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aaarrggh this is one of my pet hates :mad: I've had friends either ignore the fact I've lost weight and make no mention of it when we meet up :eek: and then other 'well meaning' colleagues say things like "you are eating aren't you" or "you're not drinking those silly shakes" and their favourite "you don't want to lose it too quickly because then you'll just gain it all back" :rolleyes:

Soooooo annoying as clearly my rate of loss (averaged at a pound a week) is perfectly healthy :p I agree with the others - its just jealousy - they know they need to sort their weight out themselves and it must drive them mad that you are taking control of yours - just smile sweetly and carry on as you are - you're doing great :D


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Delete them. There not worth wasting the energy on. They will soon be asking you for a "copy of the diet"

well done, keep up your good work and make them eat their words.
Its strange isnt it, I have lost 17lbs now, quite a significant amount in my book, and not one of my friends has commented.
I can totally see a difference in how I look. Im sure they can. Sometimes people may not want to embarass you by talking about weight. But sometimes I think people just dont like to see people have success at weight loss.
I am waiting for the, oh its a fad diet, or the usual - dont lose too quickly you will put back on just as fast- and my favourite- when you lose weight, your face looks gaunt!!! Rude!
Well done on your losses mrsthunderbolt :)

That is quite a large weight loss on five weeks but (I can't see your stats as am on my phone) if you have a lot to lose then it makes sense why you have lost more than average. You should be mighty proud of yourself of it though and like a previous poster, just delete these people.

When I used to post my weight loss on Facebook I got nothing but support from my friends and people that don't support you, aren't worth the time!

Keep it up, you're doing fab x


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Green eyed monsters!!!!!!!
comment back and ask them if they would like to join you at class, i assume some of them need to lose weight but havent done anything about it ?
& well done you to lose 21 lbs is amazing keep it up & show your target pic to them all :p
Green eyed monster, I hope I do half as well as you are hun


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I'd don't give a flying fig what others say/think abut me, I am losing weight for ME so any thoughts or comments they may have are totally irrelevant, once you start losing weight everyone and their dog is a dieting expert and love to give you advice, just take it with a pinch of salt or a (synned) spoonful of sugar and completely ignore them :D
I have had this all through my weight loss, my maintenance and now get nasty comments about my exercise (I love it and do a lot)

It's strange how taking control, eating well and exercising suddenly brings out all this 'concern' from 'friends'- lol. No-one ever showed concern for my health when I was genuinely unhealthy, ate crap and sat on my backside all day- so why now? because now I am fitter and healthier than all of them and sadly this may make them look at their own lifestyles and not like what they see- so they make it MY problem

I was getting very frustrated with the 'you have replaced your addiction to food to an addiction to exercise' and 'you are obsessed' comments lately... then I heard this quote:

"Obsessed is a word used by lazy people to describe the determined"

Love it!

I have recently deleted 200+ contacts becuase I was fed up of having "friends" as friends.

I was about to say when people don't understand a diet and you lose quickly then I understand the concern but cocktail princess is right. Where was the concern when our health and lifestyle was going down the drains.

Filter your facebook and your life. Too many "projects" distract you from the real thing!

"Obsessed is a word used by lazy people to describe the determined"
well done on your weightloss. You've done very well. Just ignore the nasty comments. x
I am doing this for me (well & my kids so that I can be an active mum), even my wonderful hubby has never nagged at me to loose weight.

The thing that has really annoyed me is 1 of them has commented "Wooah well done but steady on thats too much too soon. Healthy weight loss is apparantly around 2lb a week if you want to avoid yo-yoing. It has taken me two years to lose 4 and a half stone". Not that I'm knocking anyone for loosing 4.5 stone but as she lost just over half a pound a week I won't be listening to her advice!".

Glad to know I'm not alone, this site is so supportive. It's actually took me away from Facebook which can only be a good thing.
I've had the '....and do you feel better for it?' from people who never thought to ask how I was feeling when I was at a much higher weight. Do they really care?


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Homy goodness this also does my head in. My friends are used to me always being on a diet and when I got almost to target before they sat me down to have a 'chat' saying I wasn't to lose more and they thought I had a problem. Now I was only just under a bmi of 25 so there was no chance I was too skinny. Then one friend said I was being a pain for not wanting to eat pizza one night!! Started being a bit nasty about it.
The only thing I can think is that I was always the fat friend and now I was the same size.

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