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Why can't people just be happy for you!


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A couple of ladies at my work have been commenting on the way I look. One lady said I need to stop losing weight cos I'm losing too much. Another lady thinks i'm lying because I said i'm 9st10 because no one can weigh less then she can. People just make me laugh they just can't be happy for me. That was my moan for the day, thanks for listening, ha! :)
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Step away from the chips!
Some people are never happy unless they can get their tuppence worth said.

Easier said than done sometimes but just ignore the spiteful old witches :D


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girls, they just want to be you!!!
well done on your weight loss, i'm on my second day, hungry but determined!
sandie x
cant belive u are going tru the same, one of my collegue came to me today and told me i look sick and my skin is not glowing as it use to be and finally said "it could be the diet u know" i just new straight that she saw that ve lost weight but rather saying that , she wanted me to feel bad about the diet. they are just jealous!
They're jealous that you look so damn good and they probably don't!


Be glad (in a way) that you're making people feel that way because you look lovely! I know full well that I've had my fair share of being jealous and wishing for a slimmer body and once I get there I'll relish feeling so beautiful and slim.

Be proud that you've had to work hard to lose the weight, they're just utterly jealous that you've been successful and done something that takes a lot of guts and bloody hard slog!

Good for you x x x x


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it sounds like a particularly gruesome shade of green to me. you are doing fabulously. stick your nose in the air, strut and be proud :)

abz xx

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