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Why do I do this???

We all have bad weeks. You need to draw a line underneath it and move on. The best thing you can do is go to class and get help with your motivation and everyone here will support you too. You can do this :)
Thanks hun, I'm actually feeling quite down about it and that's not like me.... also just realised af is due in a few days so I'm hoping it's down to that old bag lol



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Auntie's a *great* help to the diet, isn't she? Pizza and beer last night - her fault. And after I'd been good all week. :sigh: But, today's a new day and I'm kicking myself up the bum. :copon:

But back O/T . . . perhaps you should be asking yourself why you sabotage your efforts every diet. After 20-odd years of dieting, I've realised it's useless me doing it unless I'm truly motivated (which I have been this time, pizza excluded). When I've broke previous diets, there's always been an underlying reason that quite often I'm not even aware of, usually because I'm not happy with life in general so losing weight doesn't seem worth the effort when everything else is bad. If AF is coming, then that just adds to it.

Don't dread your WI. I'm not looking forward to mine today, but it's better that I do it, see the horrible truth and then move on to a good week (excluding a dinner out on Wednesday :break_diet:). Nobody is perfect, we all have weeks where we indulge a little more (think I'm going to ban calling it a bad week. Too negative!). You've probably not done too bad anyway - we always think it's worse than what it is.

But make up a pros and cons of being on a "diet". You'll see there are loads more pros than cons (which is only, I get to eat what I want) and hopefully that will give you the impetus to turn over a fresh sheet, forget last week, remember how positive you were the first two or so weeks and keep going.

You can do it, BC. And we're all here for those difficult times.

Let us know how you do on your WI.
I have had a rubbish week and so dreading wi today as it is only my 2nd one but have just drawn the line and got my menu planned for the week and will be sticking to it as no meals out planned this week. I started off bad on Tues with lunch out to Indian which was not my choice and then the lunch was korma and rice and nann as only thing off the menu that I liked as it was business lunch and you got it with the rice and nann and I was hungry so ate it. After that it just went downhill :( I know that I felt a bit down this week and it was the old comfort eating slipping back in. This week I will identify it and find something else to do when I feel munchie attack coming on. Good luck xx
Sorry honey, we all have these types of weeks and need to get the enthusiasm we had to go to the first meeting in the first place!

First of all go to your wi tuesday, and let your consultant know how you are feeling, I have done that in the past and they never make you feel bad but can give advice about how to get over that hurdle.

Get back to what you did the first week as well, plan in advance where you can so you always have healthy food in the house to pick on when you need and don't beat yourself up about the occasional slip!!!

Good luck honey! xx
Thanks everybody :D

Harrie I am very motivated this time, I haven't done a diet since having my boys and they def motivate me ;)

I'm hoping it's just af that's making me like this, I will still go to my weigh in and start again a fresh week.

I can do this..... :D:D:D
Hey chick, I think Harrie and the others have said it all. We have all been there, I've just had an "indulgent" (not bad) week and think I have gained but the scales will tell me on Tuesday and I'll get back to normal.

It's life and it's what this is all about - we can't follow this 100% all of the time, we wouldn't be normal if we did.

It's been one week, put it down to experience and move on chick.

Here's to a less indulgent week. xxx

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