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why do i feel like i havnt lost anything when ive been 100%


i will be slim
I dont know whats wrong with me !:confused:

ive been so good this week filling up on free foods and eating loads of speed foods etc

but i fill so bloated and as if i aint lost nothing!!!

normally i wil feel different,my stomach will feel flatter my face looks a little thinner but this week nothing!!:mad:

im now dreading tuseday weigh in!

Does anyone else out there feel like this sometimes when they have been 100%??????
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I feel exactly the same.

After 2 weeks of 0.5lb of and knowing that I hadn't been a saint, I decided that I would be 100%, I've even measured out tomato ketchup and syned it, something I don't normally bother with. But today I have Committed the cardinal sin of jumping on the scales and............Nothing, Nil, Nada, a big fat ZERO lost. So now I'm battling with the urge to eat anything.... why oh why don't I throw those scales away.

Anyway just wanted to say I'm right there with you and feel your pain.
We all have times were we've been good & can't explain why we've put on or STS.

Stick with it, the weight will come off. If you are bloated try eating different hexb or drinking more water.
That's a really great idea! I notice that if I eat certain HexBs, I do get bloated.

Keep going xxtannyxx - don't let it impact on the rest of your week. x
Theres nothing wrong with feeling bloated. You will most likely still be losing weight but the change in diet can cause bloating and trapped wind. Both of which aren't much fun but they pass in time. Keep going.