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Why does LL diet rule out diet drinks ie Coke,7 Up etc

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Well, for one, diet drinks cause cravings and actually cause people to eat more and gainweight.

I think they have a lot of citric acid too (?) which throws you out of ketosis.

DOn't get me going - people here know I usually pull out my soapbox when Diet Coke is mentioned!!! :D

I used to be a COMPLETE DC addict, and was actually, hand on heart, as scared, if not more - of going months without DC, more then I was about food.

BUT, I read a lot about DC and the like, and decided the stuff is PURE POISON, so I decided to take this opportunity to get out of the habit for good.

It ruins your bones, it ruins yourteeth, it ruins your stomach and it causes you to get fat. Want some now? :D

I drank on average 4-5 a day. SOmetimes more. It WAS my water. It's been 1 year and a half since I have had one, not even a tiny sip since I started LL.

If you were like me, and drank buckets full, put the stuff away. Use this opportunity for you "memory pallette" to cleanse itself.

To substitute the feeling, and sensation of a fizy drink, I used the water flavourings in fizzy water. That tasted very nice and refreshing and made a nice change to plain. Of course, its NOT DC, and I know the flavourings are artificial too - but it broke that connection for "caramel coloured" soda. Now I jt drink water or Coffee like a fiend. :D

I don't even miss it. I reallllly thought I would....but not even tempted, and cannot remember what it tastes like really.

I am sure someone will be along with the scientific reason why we can't have it. And I will put my soapbox away now, as it appears i DID get it out. :D


Is back in the saddle!
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(Do we all have to copy from the main forum?? :eek: )


(Sorry only just found this one and I'm in a naughty mood. It's the sun I think.)

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