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Why I am NOT going to lose this week


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Have my WI tonight, and i know that they scales are not going to go in my favour.....let me tell you why last night i had....

3 slices of eggy bread ( cooked in oil)
2 Pkt of walker crisps
2 Mr kipling finger cakes
1 small bar of snickers

after eating all this i felt ill...... stomach aching, and feeling sick.... then i realised a few things, i used to eat like this on a regular basis... (no not slipping back into my old ways) cos i woke up this morning and bang i was hit with my *** week...

so as i say don;t think i will be losing any weight this week...... so its on wards and up wards..... got my prawn salad and strawberries and yogurt for lunch and doing a Turkery meatloaf for dinner.....

so my question is does anyone else have a craving for fatty foods when the are due their *** week.

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All the time! You are definitely not alone!

I am due on next week and have been craving chocolate all week. Unfortunately my boyf had some in the house - and now it is gone!


I think the best thing to do in these situations is to be prepared. Next month I might try saving my HEB so I can have a fibre plus bar instead of the chocolate or get some low syn treats in.

Lets see what the scales say tonight.......Good luck with your WI.

Amy xx


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I'm sure your WI will be fine, if you were good all week,and its just last night Blip, then yes, it would make a difference, but not rule out the whole weeks good work that you have done. I get picky around that TOTM, and know why.. just arm yourself next time with a bag of low syn'd treats that you can have and not break the diet for either.

Good luck with WI x


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I just have a need for food a couple of days before mine, doesnt matter what it is but I get really hungry! and the chocolate craving defo kicks in, its just trying to find ways to satisfy the cravings in other ways which isnt easy. I think you should be ok at weigh in tonight as long as the rest of the week has been good x


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some months I am fine & can get through the cravings without going over my syns & then other months (like this one) I can't stop eating chocolate, I have eaten so much I am disgusted with myself but it was as if someone else had control of my hands, my mind was telling me to stop but I couldn't, have now & am now back on plan so we shall see how much damage I have done on Monday!


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when i due i get cravings like a pregnant lady :( .... wierd but i get same cravings when im due as i did when was actually pregnant... full fat coke with ice.... and double cheese burgers and snickers :( ....

my partner told me when im due hes getting diet coke in, peanut butter and plain burgers - i'll still syn really bad but not as bad ..... but if i dnt get these foods i'll have a tantrum like a baby lol so its a need!
I get such an appitite!! Could eat myself out of house & home & yes its usually for rubbish foods!

So far I have been ok though & my WI haven't been affected, fingers crossed you will be ok :)


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I feel your pain, I did the same yesterday, binged on rubbish, lost control and now feel really bad about it.


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I too am on * week hun and could really go for all that food you listed there right now! Argh!


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Why are some months worse than others though? I can go 3 months without it being a big issue that I deal with through my syns then this month it has been horrible - over the weekend I ate a family sized bag of maltesers & another of minstrels, plus I ate all the chomps & curly wurly's in the freezer, a big bag of dorito's with dip and probably loads of other stuff I didn't even register eating! No wonder I felt like poo by Monday!


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I have been the same this week :( think I need to plan better and keep tracks of when star week is (I always lose track!) then I could at least make sure I have the correct foods available and maybe do green days for a few days because they usually help with cravings cuz they fill me up more. This week has been terrible because I let the cupboard, fridge and freezer run down so I was looking for anything I possibly could to eat which resulted in 4 Asda chocolate twix fingers last night :( I rarely ever go off plan even on star week but this time it seems I just couldnt do it!


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I crave chocolate big style on * week but unlike most people this is the week I can usually sts or lose. On Tuesday I had 1/4 of chocolate bar with crunchie thru it, 1/4 bar milka and DS2 wanted toblerone but did not like the fruit and nut version so I ate that as well. Oh I started off with a freddo bar because I fancied something chocolatey. Weigh in tonight. God help me!!!!


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S: 11st10lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st2lb(9.76%)

So pleased with myself i put on 1lb so i can live with that......

Thank you all for your replies, i am now going to make a note in my book to make me more aware when my *** week is and hopefully i can be perpared for it....


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I crave chocolate so badly at those times. especially bourbon biscuits (which i dont really like at other times of the month). I can sometimes deflect it with a jacket spud with Philly, dont ask me how this works but it does on occassion. I wouldnt mind but i dont actually get times of the month as i have a "mirena Coil", but i still get all the mood swings, and cravings.


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oh I definitely crave fatty food, every * week!

I normally try to eat psuedo fattening things during this time. Like SW chips and toasties (with HEA and B). To make myself feel like i'm eating badly lol! xxx


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Yup - I fought with a cookie last night, the cookie won. Woke up this morning, bam, * week. Its not even like its due its 2 weeks late..

Its like it knows when I'm weak...

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