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Why I have to lose weight?


I've been thinking of all the reasons I want to lose weight. Some of them are probably a bit silly but they're what I'm going to remind myself of if I think of slacking.

1. I'll get rid of the protruding belly and not feel like I have to hold my stomach in all the time - not that it works.

2. Cheap clothes will look better on me than expensive ones do now.

3. My bum and thighs won't touch the sides of the bath and I won't make a tidal wave when I get in and out of it.

4. I won't squash my OH to death if I sit on his knee.

5. If I put jeans on I won't have to tuck my belly in before I zip them up - I may even be able to wear lower cut jeans without hanging out all over.

6. If my dresses were smaller I'd be able to fit more into my case when I go on holiday.

What reasons does everyone else have for losing weight. Silly or otherwise?

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Mine are more or less the same as yours.
1. I wanna be able to take a bath with my oh.
2. I wanna look good enough to take 'pictures' as a present for my oh.
3. I want more energy.
4. Pretty barmaids get more tips !!!
5. I am going to centre parcs in March and I wanna look good in a bikini.

Your goals are similar to mine, you got a weight loss buddy ? If not, want one ???
This is a great question.

1. I want to look better
2. I want to feel better
3. I want to be able to go for romantic walks without getting out of breath
4. I want to wear a bathing suit without feeling self-conscious
5. I want to shop in a clothing store without having to stick to stuff in the "oversize" section
6. I want to sit comfortably in a seat in a theater and airplane
7. I want to be a good role model for my other family members who struggle with their weight
8. I want to have good health into my most senior years
9. I want to relieve some weight so my back won't hurt as much anymore
10. I want to prove to myself that food doesn't control me and my life.

Thanks for asking this. It reminded me of all these reasons and more why I'm working so hard to lose weight.
Hi BeesBella and starshooter,

Thanks for posting your reasons, it makes me realise that I'm not the only one wanting these things.

Beesbella, I haven't got a diet buddy but I'd love one. Your reason about having a bath with your OH made me laugh, can't remember last time I had a bath with mine, OMG doesn't bear thinking about at the moment but I'll aim for that too. And the more tips thing - too true, lol.

starshooter, you've made me realise how uncomfortable it is being overweight. Clothes feel like they're cutting into bits they shouldn't and doing anything seems so much more of of effort. At night I can't wait to get into my nighty and I'm sure it's coz it's comfortable.

My reasons for wanting to lose weight
1. I want to look good!
2. I want to be able to fit into nice clothes and be able to shop in 'normal shops' not just ones for bigger girls.
3. I want to be able to go out and not have to worry about being the biggest one in the room/pub/restaurant/club.
4. I want to have children but cant at the weight I am now.
5. I wanna feel comfortable with my body so I am more confident in the bedroom!!
6. I want to be healthy.
There are probably loads more but they are all I can think of now.
Great thread :)


Xmas goal, here I come!
I want to lose weight...
-the bath thing...
-getting old and want a chance to feel sexy before its too late
-want to sit on hubby's knee for the first time ever and not feel embarrassed that I weigh too much
-want to wear nice clothes instead of ugly fat people clothes
-don't want to embarrass my family around their friends
-don't want to be embarrassed eating in public
-want to feel good about myself for once:(
-my health of course
want so ;m;uch to wear a 2 piece before I get too old w/o having to wear shorts over them
I could go on and on and on............................
Hi Blue Butterfly and Soozsb,

The clothes thing seems to be almost universal here - I've just looked back at my original post and I haven't even mentioned health! That should really be top of the list but somehow it's the thought of dresses, jeans and yes - the bikini that keep me going.

Blue butterfly, I hope you manage to get to a weight that you can have children - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and watch your progress.

Soozsb, I agree with the getting old thing. I'll be 50 in 2 years and a few months and even though I've put I don't mind when I reach target, it would be nice to be at target and have stayed there by then.


1. I want to feel good enough for my very slim and sexy other half.
2. I want to be around my pretty friends and not feel like the frumpy one
3. I want to feel that when i tell people i used to dance and swim proffessionally they dont look at me like "yea right"
4. I want my sexist dad to stop telling me i look fat
5. I want my mum to stop avoiding the question when i ask her why he does that
6. I want to look good in the "in" clothes nowaways
7. I want to prove to myself i have control over my body
8. I really just don't want to hate being in my body anymore
9. I'm training to be a nurse and someone who is frumpy isnt exactly and good health role model.

This was a really good question. thanks x
Hi Bec1989,

My Dad used to do that too - I think it's a Dad thing. He used to say, 'eh, you're putting weight on lass,' I asked him why he said it and he just said, 'well you are.' I think he thought it was encouragement (yea, right!).

To be fair to him, he was also the first person to tell me as soon as I was looking better and when other people were starting to tell me I'd lost enough weight and should stop, he was telling me how wonderful I looked. He was just one of those people who told it like it was - hopefully your Dad will do the same.

Hi Tracey --

Great thread.

My father (quick to criticise my weight and always has been) is very overweight and has had both knees replaced (in part because of this) and I do not want to have my knees replaced or any other weight related health problems. So, here is my additions to your lists (as some of your reasons are mine as well)...

1) take care of and retain orginal body parts
2) ease my father's mind and he is unwell and very unhappy over his own weight (he was so pleased to see me five stone less last summer and at goal weight) --so, I am going to get back there for him as well as myself.
3) I know others have said this, but it is very important -- to show my overweight sisters (2 of 3 of them are overweight) and my adult neice that IT CAN BE DONE.
4) Be a mommy that my children do not find embarassing (and I know my son was ashamed of me when I was overweight -- loved me but was embarassed that I did not take better care of myself).
5) not be constantly obessing over my weight as my ten year old enters that age of problem dieting
6) boost my self-esteem
7) train to be a fitness instructor
8) again, has been said before but have people believe me when I say I was a cheerleader, athlete, beauty contestant, fitness instructor, etc.
9) fit into the clothes I bought when I was at goal - and look and feel good in them
10) not feel uncomfortable if I choose to eat something that is "junk" -- and do not feel as if I can eat a treat in front of other people because they might be thinking, "She doesn't need to be eating that, etc."

BTW, I am 48 so it is nice to know that there are others that in my demographic on the website.

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Hi everyone,

I can't believe so many people all have the same reasons as me. I don't think I'll go as far as being a fitness instructor but you've all given me the boost I need to get out the Total Gym. It's not just about losing weight, it's about becoming fitter and more toned as well.

Me and hubby bought it years ago and every now and again it's had an outing that's lasted a week at the longest. I've got it out this morning and now I'm going to have a look at the exercises. It's going to live in the spare room so I don't have to put it away and I'm going to start this afternoon with a few exercises.

I've decided to just start with a bit today and put a cd on and build up a bit more each day to the length of the cd.

The thing has been used more as a clothes horse than a Gym so I'm going to use it properly starting from today - wish me luck.

Congrats Tracey,

I have a several exercise that things that are not being used -- and I agree it is time to do so. So, luck to us both.

I love it - good reason to stay there now you've got down.

I've just got another good reason to lose weight;

8. I'll be able to zip up my knee length boots that took me ages to get in the first place. I think knee length boots are made for people with no calves as I even had problems getting them to fit when I was at target - end of rant -sorry.

I love it - good reason to stay there now you've got down.

I've just got another good reason to lose weight;

8. I'll be able to zip up my knee length boots that took me ages to get in the first place. I think knee length boots are made for people with no calves as I even had problems getting them to fit when I was at target - end of rant -sorry.

Me, too -- even when thin I have chunky legs. MM


cos i need this xxx
this is a fab thread!!!!
my reasons are :

to be able to wear anything i like without wondering if itll be too short and show off my belly etc

to be able to half a bath with my guy!

to feel small and feminine next to a man

not to feel like "one of the guys" when with my male friends

to be healthier

to enjoy running around with my kids and not get too tired

to be able to go swimming again without shame :ashamed0005::ashamed0005::ashamed0005:

so that im not the "fat mum" in the playground when my boys go off to school

and truthfully to know that men look at me with desire - shameful and vain but true!!



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