Why is it SO hard second time around?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Returners' started by Lisav, 3 October 2007 Social URL.

  1. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!

    I dont know whether any of you will remember me, but I did lighterlife last year and lost six stone, I had a blog Lisa's Lighterlife diet - iBlog, Do You? and used to post on the discovery health and leisure website. Well I am back, I am thoroughly disappointed with myself for putting nearly all my weight back on, but I am here and going again.

    I restarted last Tuesday and by Thursday had lost six pounds, but why is it SO much harder this time? I have unbeleivable cravings, cant stomach the packs and feel really miserable. I was so happy doing it last time:cry:

    Its weigh in tomorrow and I am sure I will feel more positive then put I have not been 100% abstinent and have chewed food and spat it out, will it affect my ketosis - its so hard :sigh:

    I am going to do it though, I need to somehow break through this feeling because I will be in a dress by my xmas party!

    Wish me luck!
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Lisa,

    Your very welcome and well done on your weight loss.

    I would love to have a definitive answer for you as to why it is so hard second time around, all I know is that it just is.

    As they say the first time around is the Golden Time and I think myself this is so true as since I regained by weight it has been up and down and on and off since.:break_diet:

    I am back again today giving it my all, fingers crossed and :innocent0001: hopeful.

    Best of luck with your Christmas party dress, have you picked one out to wear:confused:

    Love Mini xxx
  4. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    No I havent got a dress yet, am waiting to buy a fantastic one nearer the time!

    Weigh in tonight!
  5. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Oh my word!! Hiya Lisa :)

    How yer doing!! I remember you!!!

    Good luck on the restart, anything I can do to help you need but ask.

  6. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mike! it was all because of you I started this crazy diet rememeber!!! You look amazing mate!
  7. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    Woohoooo! I lost eight pounds!! So second time around I have lost a stone in ten days! It might be an uphill battle, but I am pleased with that!!
  8. Big H

    Big H Well-Known Member

    Hiya - I am on my 2nd time and had the same hard time that you are - I actually made a similar thread about How hard it is 2nd time round.


    The 1st 2 weeks were hell 2nd time round.BUT....... since then it has been fine

    So hang in there

    Good luck xx
  9. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    Well I dont know if its got easier this week but I am not hungry any more just fighting awful cravings - weigh in tonight so I will let you know how its gone

    Water flavoured ice lollies are the way forward!
  10. Flossie

    Flossie Member


    This is my second time around to and I am now just into my 3rd week and I have to agree with you the first two weeks were a nightmare I felt really depressed but now I have got through this and having lost 16 lbs in my first two weeks I am now really positive about sticking to it at least for the next 9 weeks just in time for Christmas and the party season then I am going to join weight watchers to make sure I keep it off.
  11. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Well-Known Member

    Hi lisa! I remember you too! Just wanted to say hang on in there, it'll be worth it in the end!

    Dom xx
  12. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    Ooh thanks everyone! I lost three pounds last week and weigh in is tonight

    feeling much better about stuff!
  13. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    I lost another three pounds at last nights weigh in! thats 20 pounds loss in less than a month so I am happy!
  14. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    I have now lost 30 pounds in six weeks! I am thrilled and so glad that the hardest part is over! Keep going through the tough times and it does get better! Hot baths help!
  15. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    38 pounds lost in seven weeks!:D

    it gets easier people!!

    I got weighed two nights early this week as I am away on Thursday and I still lost four pounds!
  16. Lisav

    Lisav Well-Known Member

    Actually make that nearly eight weeks!
  17. Eclipse

    Eclipse Well-Known Member

    Well done Lisa, you are rocking an rolling now hun xxx
  18. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

    You're doing really well :)
  19. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Well done Lisa....that is really good going :) Have you bought your Xmas dress yet??
  20. cah-ching

    cah-ching Well-Known Member

    Another inspiration ... it can be done the 2nd time around! :D
  21. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    It sure can...:)

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