Why is Tetra packs cost 30penc extra


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I went to my CDC to receive my CD packs for next 3 weeks and she told me that CD has increased the tetra packs price. that too each one is 30 pence extra and I ended up paying more than 32.50. Any idea why they've increased the price?
Erm.....I charge the standard £1.55 for all the shakes/bars/tetras - didn't know the price of tetras had increased!?!

Saying that - the tetras and bars are more expensive than the shakes/soups for CDCs to buy and CDCs can charge what they choose so that their profit margin isn't adversely affected.....

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Remember that CDC's are entitled to charge anything they wish over the RRP as we all operate as self-employed businesses. Also, tetra's do cost us more to stock - as Isobel says - (though the price has not increased since April of this year!) and it is recommended that we charge our clients additionally for tetra's ... however, that is our choice whether we do or do not.

Sorry Lipotrimmer that this does not seem to be in line with what your Counsellor has told you recently but that is the directive from the company.
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I charge the same whatever anyone orders. £32.50 per 21 packs

Actually the bars cost more but people only have a maximum of 7 per week, whereas some people want all tetras.

Hope this helps

I charge the same £1.55 for all packs, bars & tetras. But as already mentioned, it is up to the CDC how much they charge for all the products.
I always charge RRP as I think its swings and roundabouts really. Years ago we had to charge per item and it was a real pain in the bum especially when people have different orders ever week.

CD head office decided to set a fair RRP as a guidance for all and to make things a lot easier.

I know many customers now prefer the Tetra packs and bars these do cost more for counsellors to buy.

The RRP was set with 14 powders and 7 bars or tetras in mind so maybe in April when the next price increase is due something will be adjusted then?
I do charge 15p more for tetra's and bars - £1.55 for soup/shakes and £1.70 for tetras and bars. I have lots of clients who only have tetras and so decided to make the extra charge - as they cost me more. I also have quite a few clients who are on maintainence who come to me once a month for a box of bars or crate of tetras - who just replace one meal a day with either.