Why it's harder to loose 2nd or 3rd time round


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interesting but i think its different for each person. my mum has watched her weight and maintained 9.2lb for 4yrs now she always has her fruit for brekkie salads home made veg noodle soup etc for lunch and meat and veg for dinner leaving potatoes and bread alone or eat very little of it in a week. she is 52 and going though her menopause yet even over xmas she puts on a little then gets right back on it. i think it down to willpower as i know from experience i can maintain as long as i don't pig out lol.


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Wohoo. An article on the internet that's quite accurate :cool:

I go along with a lot of this.

I wonder if it only applies to low carb or is the same for all weightloss plans.

It's all weight plans, nothing peculiar with low carb, not as far as the details they mention (or anything other detail that I can think of!).
Women who are wildly successful on a low-carb diet when they are in their 30s or 40s and premenopausal then try again when they are in their menopausal years often find it almost impossible to lose.

Woohoo. I'm post menopausal. Been dieting for umpteen years. I did it! :clap: :D

I believe though there are physiological setbacks that can't really be ignored, if you can get the psychological side sorted, you can overcome them.


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interesting but i would like to know what he/she based it on. They are right about the low carb foods, i lost all the weight on aitkins the first time by eating real foods, i had no pancakes or brownies that are low carb.

I have done the diet 3 - 4 times now and it worked everytime but became really slow at the end, funny enough i had artificial foods!


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I think the "one golden shot" as it's sometimes called, applies to all diets and I think a lot of it is around the commitment. In low-carbing you succumb to carb-creep, if calorie- or point- counting you risk getting blase about weighing and measuring.

I did the Carol Vorderman detox diet a few years ago and lost 18lbs in 21 days. I've never been able to stick to it since for more than a couple of days at a time. Silly because it works for me.

Add to that your body's intention to hang on to your fat and place it round your middle as you get older...

It's a bit like keeping a relationship exciting when you've been together for a while and not taking each other for granted maybe. Try new things, new foods etc within the diet you're following so as not to get into a rut.

Well, that's the theory sorted - better get onto the practice then!