Why so many questions, Cait?


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Wow! I have a lot of questions!!

This is because CDUSA is a quite cavalier program. You don't have to have a gp assesment, you don't have to meet with a counsellor, you just buy the shakes and basically, aside fromt the support material that they send you, (which isn't much, I have learned lots more on this site, thanks guys) you are on your own.

And, cdcs will say that it is a different program and I know that, cdusa and cd in the uk are different. Alls I am looking for is a bit of help and support in trying to find my way through this sometimes overwhelming world of vlcd.

So, thanks for putting up with me!! :rolleyes: :eek: :) ;)
Yeah - no problemo, doll. That's what we're here for!!!

I'm just wondering though - are you actually in the USA? Or are you getting your packs sent over from there?

If you're in the UK, I'd be tempted just to go to a local CDC.

Hi Cait! I seem to remember seeing that there is an American site somewhere for CD USA (not as good as this one of course) and the lady who runs it is called - if I remember correctly - RuthAnn Morris.