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why when im upset do i eat chocolate?

Why when some thing makes me upset and I cry do I eat chocolate....and no just a little bit but 22 points worth of chocolate...Damn Me ....all my hard work this week has just been killed...
Ive even ran on the treadmill for the first time ever today ......
Stupid me!:mad:
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Chocolate releases endorphins (the feel good chemical) so makes you feel a little better. So does exercise but when you are feeling rotten which is the easiest feel good: chocolate? Or the gym?
yeh I heard that b4,I find that i also turn 2 sweet things when things go wrong I now try and think twice about what I am doing and usually stop myself by saying y should I let this ruin my weight loss too :)


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Im exactly the same! .. if i feel down i eat choccy! ... but then feel down when ive eaten it! viscious circle! .
Just try and start again from this morning.... its tough i know xxx
had to go to the funeral today...so diet took day off....not sure that was a good idea as my WI class is tomorrow morning. Oh well tomorrows another week and another day to get into the gym and swear to have a good week. I think now Ive done the funeral I might be able to have a good week I hope :)
Sending you hugs, dont beat yourself up, you had a rotton time last week, funerals are so difficult and effect us in ways, sometimes we dont even realise. As you say, tomorrow is a start to a new week and you will have a better one.

Good luck and take care Lisa x


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What Lisa said! Funerals are so hard and emotional, the diet can wait another week. WW, like SW, is about being slim and healthy for life so one week in the whole bigger picture is nothing really is it?!
I went to WI and I had sts..... so off again with the work...bought some new running shoes so YAY on with the mission
Thanks for the help

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