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ok so i have been on the lipotrim diet for almost 3 weeks and ive done very well i havent ate anything,
but for some reason i feel very hungry today i mean i could probably devour a whole cow i am so hungry...
why is this ive done my best and done everything im suppose to except i had a half a pint lager on friday (big mistake i know).

any advice would be most appreciated guys.:wave_cry:
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Sorry you're hungry hun...there is nothing worse. Once you do have a little cheat this diet becomes TWICE as hard. I've no idea why, but each day you get through it will get easier again. I'm not sure if the lager would have knocked you out of ketosis....I would have thought so. That might be why you are feeling it today.

Good luck hun...you've done so well, try and stick with it. x
To be honest i have been on this for just over 2 two weeks and some days i am starving! Really really hungry, my stomach rumbles so loudly its embarrassing! I have stuck to it 100% and have no clue why. I just think some days you are hungrier than others dependant on what you have been doing.
Hope it passes soon for you.

cawisu xx
hiya just need to say its really dangerous to drink alcohol whilst in ketosis so please please be careful
to be honest i really didnt know about the dangers of alcohol while in ketosis...
im glad that everyone has given me the advice about the dangers, i wont be doing it again in a hurry think ill stick to the water with ice and a straw( just to make it look more exotic)..
but thanks again guys
I'm just finishing week2 and today I am starving. I could eat for an hour quite happily...but I won't..

It's horrible feeling starvin marvin..and I have just cooked a roast dinner for the family. I really wanted to join in, but instead I have moved to the lounge and looked at all the nice clothes I want to buy online :)

I have had to have my shakes earlier than usual today to try and combat the hunger..to be honest, they havn't even touched the sides today!! wonder why that is..and it's not the totm..!!
Hi girls, have been on for 8 weeks now and for some strange reason I was desperate to eat!! Not hungry, just wanted food in my mouth. I could not stop thinking about it!
I bet the pint of lager knocked you out of ketosis.
Don't suppose you were stressed or worried over anything. In my experience that is when I feel the most hungry. It must be linked to my using food as a drug to help me feel better! Just a thought.
I went through a bad couple of days in my 3rd week too and I could have eaten everything in sight, but thankfully I didnt succumb.

You could try splitting your shakes and have 6 half shakes a day instead of 3 shakes, which might curb the hunger a little. I also find having a hot cuppa coffee or tea can make a different, just having that something warm inside you.


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Have you ever mistaken yourself for being hungry when you are actually maybe craving?

I tell myself 'oh I'm so hungry' but really, all I'm doing is just fancying something.

Maybe not, I'm not sure. But to be on the safe side, sit down when you think you feel hungry, if they pass, then it was just a craving, if you get hunger pangs for quite a while then yes you are hungry. When this happens, chug down the water until you get stuffed! This pushes the hunger away.

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