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WI/New start


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Hey everyone. I feel sick today. I had another evening of junk yesterday. I didn't enjoy it. I didn't even want to eat at all but OH made me dinner anyway. I lost 0.5lbs. I'm happy with that I guess. It's a good loss for 2days of binging before WI!! I'm aiming for 2lbs next week... infact I'm setting a personal challenge of 2lbs a week = 14lbs in 7 weeks, by the time we go to Bournemouth for the night in October.

OH and I argued again yesterday and I got about 4/5hrs sleep. I'm so tired now! Anywho. Today is a new day, a new SW week, and I'm going to lose 2bs by this time next week!

Good luck to anyone else weighing in today. Xxx
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done on the loss! You sound as if you're fired up! So go for it! There seems to be an insomnia club forming on here!


I will succeed!!!
Well done on the loss despite the naughties! And well done on the motivation.

Don't worry about the tiff with OH - I'm sure it'll pass and all will be well again x


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks :) I've had a lovely bowl of SS fruits mmm. I'm going to exercise as much as I can and hope for another 2-3lb loss next Wednesday. I'm having a late spring clean today with "help" from my LO (who just loves to scrub stuff with wipes... my face, the carpet, his Mousey!). So hopefully giving the house a good scrubbing will make me feel a bit less like a prisoner in my own home, and if OH changes his mind again and doesn't want to move then so be it... atleast the house will be spotless! lol xxx
have some morning hugz and congrats on the loss thats great i always STS or gain when i have been eating all the bad things!

bleh such a horrible rainy day up here 2day, and got to go out and get stuff 2 going 2 festival 2moro! oh and dye my hair pink which takes 4ever lol!!



Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oooh pink! I used to dye mine purple but I got sick of it turning red if I didn't dye it regularly lol. And my niece used to call me "Ribena Berry" lol. It's naff weather here too :| Bleeergh...

I better get back to cleaning, LO is laying across my feet watching TV, if I'm still too long there's no getting up again when the cuddly attention seeker is on the rampage!! :eek:

Thanks everyone xxx
i used to loveeeeeeee ribena i wouldn't mind being a ribena berry! shame i don't drink it now on sw coz the light stuff just tastes horrible!! :(

have fun cleaning with the little cuddle monster lol :)


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