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WI Week one

Had first weigh in today and have lost 6lbs. I was a bit disappointed as have done everything according to plan and drank at least 4 litres of water every day. I am ashamed :ashamed0005: to say I nearly didnt post as others first week losses are often so much higher. Then I started reading the latest posts and realised it would be very selfish for me not to share my success. So was 13st 8lb and am now 13st 2lb which means next week I should be in the 12's YIPPEE.
Also bought a pair of jeans few weeks ago and couldnt even get them over my hips, well I wore them yesterday!!!! Hubby was well chuffed and I know that this time next week they will look even better on me. See just by sharing with you all I have cheered myself up hehe

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Honey 6lbs is a fantastic loss! What you'll notice is that the people who have bigger losses in their first week, not always i grant you, but generally then have a lot to lose. It really is a great loss and its 6lbs gone forever and ever and ever! You should be very proud of yourself and i'm glad you posted so we all could be proud of you too :D xx
Thanks for the support louizekj

You have done really well I am especially impressed with the loss when you were on holiday!


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Thanks for the support louizekj

You have done really well I am especially impressed with the loss when you were on holiday!
No need to say thank you silly! Haha thanks hun, if it makes it any more realistic for you, i was only on holiday in Manchester visiting family for 2 weeks so it was easy to stick to. If i was on a proper holiday there would have been no LTing for me i'm afraid lol :) xx
Well done leanbean

6lbs is great- I lost 7lbs 1st week but expected more then 2nd week lost 9lbs so was really pleased!!

Keep going and it'll come off :)


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That's a brilliant loss and thanks for posting it! We love to share people's journeys! x
Hi Leanbean
You and me must be buddies ... My start weight was 13'10. Just done W1 (and yes I did find it hard) and lost (what I thought was) a measly 7lb:sigh:. I was really hoping for a double digit loss ... And yes, I was drinking all the water too, or leaf tea in my case. My only thought is that I started on the wrong week - I was on my period and I normally bloat up big time. I'm hoping for a big loss next Tuesday - at least another 7lb. So almost like you, at the moment I sit at 13'3. Let us all know what you lose on W2! Teez :553:
We are on the same journey as same week of the month for me too I didnt take that into account. Thanks for the support I will definately let you all know what happens - it would be rude not too as I read all yours haha
great stuff leanbean !!!!!!!! well done


on the up lol
Well done on ur w/i is a great start :)
Well done 6lbs is a hugh loss
i only lost 2lbs in my first week......2 weeks in and only lost 5lbs.......but its in the right direction
keep up the good work:)


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Great weight loss leanbean, thanks for sharing it with us all. As JanD said we do love to share in people's jounrey's.

Congratulations on getting into your new jeans :D xxx

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