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I`ve just posted this on the Xenical forum, But figured I`d post here too as I`m hoping to try CD soon x

I just wondered if anyone else has/uses a vibroplate?

I got mine from Argos for £149 and love going on it. Not sure it makes much difference as I`ve only just started to measure as I was getting disheartened with not losing much on the scales. So jury is out on that one :p

It`s fun to go on tho ;) The only side effect I get from it is that it makes my nose itch LOL and sometimes if I`m being a lazy moo and just sit on it, My thighs itch?

Maybe I`m just allergic to exercise ;) :p

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Perseverance is key
Ooo is it really good? I so badly want to buy one, and I can really see myself using it all the time, but then I am worried about paying the money and it ending up being a dust collector, LOL! Hope other people will comment with their experience :) can you feel it working? xx
Hey x

Well, Like I said I`m not losing much on the scales but my hubbie says I look physically slimmer as have friends so I have started to measure myself to see if I`m losing inches instead which I guess would be from the plate :D

I`ve only measured once, Then the CDC did when I saw her for info and she said my waist was an inch and a half smaller than I`d made it so am hoping it`s from the plate :D

I will measure again on Monday and hopefully it`ll have gone down again tho I must confess that I haven`t been on it in about a week (my bad!).

I am hoping to go for a cycle later and will go on after to make a most of the exercise :D

One of the leg exercises I have done, I could REALLY feel it later LOL But I guess that`s all good ;)

I went for the £149 one as it had better reviews than the £99 one and the more expensive ones I couldn`t justify.

Sorry for the ramble, Hope this helps! xX


Laugh in the face of food
I go on the one at the gym and I've found that it really helps to tone up my muscles. It also helps to prevent muscle stiffness after a really big work out if you use it on the massage setting. I love it, but not sure about buying my own. I think it would cause too much of a racket, I live in a new house and the walls are made of paper so I don't think my neighbours would be too impressed. It's a shame really.

They're also good for improving circulation and cellulite apparently, can't say I've noticed though lol. But then again, I haven't used it for ages because I've boycotted all exercise until I'm at target, But the reason for that is too long to go into unless someone wants me too lol.


Perseverance is key
Oooo sounds good :) and I know what you mean about the price, argh decisions decisions lol xx
I have a vibro plate machine .... it does make me ITCH!!!!!! its the extra blood flow near the surface of your skin I think.

If you practice different ways of standing on it, the correct way is standing with your legs slightly apart and knees very slightly bent. You can try tippie toes and different positions and feel different parts of your body get toned.

It does work, I definately feel my self mre toned when I have had a few weeks use.
Surfhunny - why have you boycotted exercise?? I wanna know!! I wanna know!! xx


Laugh in the face of food
Ha ha it's a long story like I said, so bear with me...

I used to do a lot of exercise, I spent at least 2 hours at the gym 3 or 4 times a week. It wasn't really helping to speed up my weight loss because I was doing too much cardio.

When you go on a diet your body starts initially using up it's glucose stores, then glycogen which is stored in the liver, and finally fat. By being on a VLCD and in ketosis you should have very little glycogen stored away so your body burns fat.

Which is exactly what I want, BUT if you then go adding in strenuous cardio exercise your body thinks something is amiss and reserves fat incase it needs it. The human body has no idea that you're doing extra running because you ate a curry or had a bad day, it thinks that you'll be doing the extra running etc forever and you'll need reserves to maintain the energy needed to actually run... not good when I want to be burning fat not storing it.

The other reason I'm giving it a miss for now is because When I eventually get to a point where I'm ready to maintain I'm going to have to increase the amount of exercise I do to compensate for the increase in calories. To increase the level of exercise I was already doing would mean that I'd be living at the gym and although I love exercising, I don't love it enough to move in to the gym just to keep my weight level.

I need to work out the balance, so I figured if I can still lose weight and not exercise at all, when it comes to maintaining my weight, increasing my exercise back to what I was doing before ought to work to compensate for the increase in my calorie intake.

This should work in theory.... whether it works in real life we shall see, but it's actually killing me staying away from exercise. I hope this makes sense, and doesn't make me sound like a raving lunatic.
Ooh that makes sense!!! I think I might just stick to the vibroplate once I`m on CD then as I struggle enough as it is :(

Then when I am wanting to maintain I can start up it the cross trainer etc again :D

Could I still get away with the odd cycle? I enjoy riding now I`m finally back on my bike after about 25 yrs LOL

@ itchin, Thanks for letting me know!! It really puzzles me!! rofl

It makes perfect sense Surf Hunny!

I'm paying £50/month to my gym and have been a handful of times since Christmas....so I'm gonna have to start going again - starting Monday - as I simply cant afford to pay for something I don't use and I'm tied into a contract that I cant cancel!!

But I had heard of the too much cardio limiting weight loss as your body just basically holds onto the limited cals it IS having as it thinks you're starving. So I'm just planning on using the toning stations / power-plate / free weights to tone up my saggy bits - surely this is OK?? I have a very sedentary job otherwise and don't do a lot of exercise / general moving about during the day so my reasoning is my time at the gym will probably only make up to the exercise most people do just generally running about throughout the day??

I've had "OK"losses so far:
Week One: -8.5lbs (& totm and constipated!)
Week Two: STS (but lost inches)
Week Three: Official WI this wed but according to my scales, -4lbs down!

I still can't believe you lost 6 stone in 23 weeks!! At what stage did you give up the exercise??

Wooop Wooop!

I have lost 2 inches off my waist in 12 days!!

I reckon it`s gonna be down to the vibroplate :D



Laugh in the face of food
Wow well done!!!! That's fab!!!
Thanks hun :D x

My hips are the same, But I have also lost 1 inch off each of my arms and thighs :D:D:D



Perseverance is key
Oooooo I really do think I should purchase one *thinks* lol xx

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