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**Wicked Weight Dropping Wednesday - Hour By Hour**


Going for Goal!
Good Morning All, welcome to mind-week! I intend to loose weight today - anyone else with me? I'll be glugging water today too, as yesterday I struggled with the water, so i'm making up for it today ;)

Well yesterday for me was a slight suprise. Had my bra fitting, and apart from around my back (which has gone down 2 sizes) my cup size is the same! So I'm hoping that they may shrink with my losses up to Christmas :rolleyes: Although saying I was a bit upset by my fitting results, I did enjoy getting matching knickers in size 16 lol :p:p:p

Hope you all have a wicked weight dropping wednesday. Come on - lets shed some lbs!!! :D:D:D:D

Hugs x x x
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I'm with you on this. After a useless week this is my restart day. No nibbles, tastes or licks, 100% all the way and enough water to sink a ship! Stinky breath ketosis and freezing to death here i come - sounds appealling doesn't it!
Off to my WI in an hour, just off to get ready. Not looking forward to this- expecting a 2lb+ gain i reckon- it will be my first gain if i do- gulp
After being excited about a pampering night with all the chat on the daily thread i never got round to it, really dissappointed- so its on my must do list for tonight.
Happy losing all xx


Going for Goal!
Butterfly - I'm with you all the way today hun :) Make sure you have paracetamol at the ready to diminish any sign of a headache! Gemz - Good luck today, i'm sure your water intake will be good today. Hugs x x x
im with you today, drank a liter of water already and had a hot choc shake mmmm and now gonna have a coffee.. i know sometimes i wonder if im a camel haha x


Silver Member
Morning all, room for another ?

I'm on day 6 of my restart and feeling very good so far today. Had a hard night last night but i got through it thank god so i thought it would be a good idea to join in with you peeps on your lovely daily thread in case i get those blasted demons today. I'm off out to order some new hall way carpet today and then off to do the family's food shop so i have a busy day ahead.

Emma - good luck with the water hun

Butterfly - We are all here for you today, you can do it !!!

Morning Gemzy, nelly and rainbow.

lets all have a fab 100% day with plenty of water :D
Morning lovley losers lol
I am doing better this week in the water battle and by the sound of it the rest of you troops are doing great aswell so I am renaming today watery wednesday.
I am off to have a meeting at uni so I will pop in and catch up later keep up the good work xx
morning ladies
I need to start 100% today have been awful for 2 weeks and i no ill never get to goal if i carry on this way! So far today so good, drank nearly 2 pints of water already so thats a good start!
Hope you all have a great day x
Me too! Striving for 100% today and lots of water. Definately have the ketosis breath - eeeugh so flushing that fat away today! Last time I lost weight I excitedly went to get measured for new bra - back size went down but cup size went up - I was stunned, but nice lady in M&S said it was normal and may also have been wearing the wrong size cup before!
I have ketosis breath too and a horrible taste in my mouth so I'm definitely there. Just off for the other half of my first shake - I'm splitting all my packs as I get really bad low blood sugar symptoms and it's made me stop CD and LL in the past. Never thought to split the packs then. This is day 3 of restart and so far so good. I'm keeping everything crossed!
doing fine so far.. feeling a little peckish so think i will have one of my frozen tetras kid on its ice cream :D x


Going for Goal!
Me too rainbow - I'm glugging away. I had my vanilla shake at around 10am with a litre bottle of water and a large mug of balck coffee. I've just started my 2nd mug of black coffee and shall be re-filling my litre bottle later this afternoon with my lunch time hot mint choc shake :)
Good afternoon

Another day of waking up and feeling very positive which is great, it really perked me up yesterday to buy some new smaller clothes and a few little treats as well.
I am working from home today but will pop out on the bus to a local district Wanstead, which is quite picturesque (has the feel of a London village) for a back coffee in a cafe and hopefully to pick up a couple of fancy diamonte miniature padlocks (to secure charms on my Butler and Wilson handbags) which a gift shop have ordered for me.
Will then work through to the evening to make sure everything is done.
Good Luck to all!
Made it through lunch - asparagus soup was very nice (though sorely tempted by proper lentil soup my companion had) But no losing this weight is more important. And maybe I'll make myself lentil soup when I get there! Funny not craving chocolate....? Now, must apply myself to the water drinking!
Me too rainbow - I'm glugging away. I had my vanilla shake at around 10am with a litre bottle of water and a large mug of balck coffee. I've just started my 2nd mug of black coffee and shall be re-filling my litre bottle later this afternoon with my lunch time hot mint choc shake :)
I'd forgotten all about mint chocolate shakes - need to buy peppermint teabags on the way home- I shall look forward to that!
I finally said no to food lol! I was offered it by my brother and normally i would be like oohhhh ok lol but nope i fought it! FINALLY!!
Nice one, good for you.

Hope you are all ok and getting through the day, ive had my weight in today finally and lost another 3Ib so even though it was a nine day weight in ive lost a stone since last Monday, I am truly amazed and now think I have finally turned the corner with the sneaky nibbling.
Well done Witchy, must feel good to put the nibbling demons away! I'm trying but have to confess to an inadvertant taste of DD's dinner- just didn't think!
Had WI and not as bad as i thought, i sts which i can easily live with. Have lost inches though, so cdc is convinced its mainly water after my binge and should see it drop off this week.
Struggled with water a bit in day so just glugging now. It was my 3yr old DD's first ever day at pre-school, and the first time i've ever left her with anyone except my mom, so i kept so busy cleaning i forgot to drink. Gladly she did brilliantly, when i dropped her off she was so excited, she happily waved me off and told me to 'go and have your soup, and i'll see you later'. Funny how they pick up on things....
Speaking of soup...spicy tomato beckons me. Sounds like everyones had a good day, speak tomorrow no doubt. xx

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