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Wii Fit

Hello all...hope you're having a good weekend so far :) I managed to get my hands on a Wii Fit today and so far I love it! Can anyone tell me if the games get harder? I really like the step one but it's cal;led step basics and the routine is easy and quite short. I haven't got the hand of how it all works properly yet but I can see I am going to spend lots of time finding out :)
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havn't tried the steps one yet. Have discovered that the more you play, it releases harder versions - the hola hoop one is great, and i have just had a harder version come up on my Wii Fit.
haha Corey..yeah I love that one too! :D


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there is 2 more step games to unlock, one allows you to keep time through the sound on your wii-mote and watch tv as you step, you can set different times and paces. A lot of games have a basic and advanced mode, you have to complete a certain amount of time or get a certain score to unlock the new levels.
thanks Lisa


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Yeah I love the advanced step one its really fun! not so keen on the one where you just listen to a beat and step on and off it's boring!
hmmm wonder when I will get the advanced step. I am aching all over today from playing on it yesterday for over 2hrs! Also been on it today ouch


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I love the advanced step! Very hard to get the hang of stepping on sideways though!
how long is the advanced step?


longs to be average!
I am hating my Wii Fit - I picked it up on Friday, and it claims I have put on 13lb since Friday. My Wii Fit age has gone from 39 on Friday to 32 yesterday and upto 50 today. I don't believe it can be right - the only thing that is different is I have placed it on a bit of plywood to give it a flatter service than the carpet can.

I reckon I have got a dud one!
oh dear... they did suggest putting it on a yoga mat in the shop.


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Hi!! Just popped over from CD!!

WiiFit is fab, isnt it? I haven't unlocked the next level step yet, but I am pretty un-coordinated tho! I love the jogging, you should see me all red-faced and puffing after a "jog" in my living room. its so funny!! DD cheats, she just waves the remote up & down so it thinks she is running!! I have tried to tell her its not quite the idea!! :)

Have you tried the next level tightrope? I find that one almost impossible, and as for heading those footballs........ utter rubbish!!!

Still, my last age was 42 (I am 44) and it noticed I had lost 3lbs in prev two days, which I had!!!!!


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I've just got mine set up today and I'm loving it:D

My sports wii age was 64:(, but my wii fit age is 33:D I'm 41 so loved that result!



longs to be average!
Have unlocked two new step aerobic exercises, and am loving them.
My Wii Fit age has dropped since yesterday - happy with that, although still older than I actually am - and my weight has dropped a little since yesterday, so back in love with it.

My OH is enjoying it as well - so some healthy competition going on here!!

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