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will anyone else miss the shakes/soups?


WILL be Slim!
You're not alone - I will miss the bars! - so much so I've asked my CDC if I can still buy them from her when I'm done :)

However, it's not so much madness/weird dependency as part of 'a plan'. I used to have protein bars and shakes way back before CD and know they work for satisfying cravings and keeping the metabolism going in a much healthier way than crisps or a Danish pastry. The CD bars come in a better range of flavours than Promax, Myoplex or other varieties of meal bar
- hence why I would like to keep a stock of them. They're not dissimilar in price to those either. I'll miss the toffee and walnut shake a lot too!
I will miss the potato and leek soup, its my favourite. Suppose I could buy another brand from supermarket, or even better, make it myself.
Otherwise, just hoping that I will settle into a healthy eating regime.


needs a real kick in the
i will be continueing with a shake every morning for breakfast, i cannot stomach breakfast naver been able to but i love the choc shake on a morning so will always have this then a lunch and tea, i used to skip meals somedays b4 cd so if i have a day where i skip i may have a chicken and mush soup, i will always keep my spare blender in boot of car and the odd cd pack then if im starving that will be my lunch, at least then if i strugggle i wont have to get used to them again, after a year of maintaining i will try to drop them xx
I'll miss the fact that they're so easy to make up and there's no thinking involved.

But I wont miss the shakes. I've just had my first porridge today and had to give it to my dog! It was so salty. Did anyone else find this? I think a lot of them are either too sweet or too salty, and I love sweets and salt normally.
Right now I'm only having choc shakes (made with ice water) and choc tetras (made up with hot water) and the odd leek and potato.

I'm definitely going to be sick of them.


needs a real kick in the
i only have choc shake choc tetra and cicken and mushroom soup, and i dont get bored surprisingly xxx
I do not intend to miss them if i can, as i love the spicy tom soup so much i would like to continue having them, as well as the cranberry bars, not as meals but for when life is busy and as a snack, as i think its still a great way to top up with vits etc. I know for a fact that, try as hard as i might, i will not always be able to get the balanced diet i need every single day. My cdc says she has still done this on maintenance.
I have been off CD since July (after hols) and boy am I missing my shakes and bars.
In fact, i`m re starting on Wednesday and looking forward to it. Its been hard going recently planning what to eat !


Gone fishing
I missed the choc tetras.

Now as a CDC I have the products, I thought I might be tempted by them again, but normal food vs the products...well, no contest.:D


WILL be Slim!
i think its more that i just really like that taste of them! I would much prefer a CD shake to a milkshake now...but then again, saying all that, i might change my mind once i start back on food again! lol

just relieved to know i'm not a freak! lol :D



Gone fishing
i think its more that i just really like that taste of them! I would much prefer a CD shake to a milkshake now
Oh nooooo :D I make my own milk shakes with fresh fruit, greek yoghurt and milk. Sometimes banana and cinnamon, or one with oats. Tres yum :)


Needs to stop eating!!
Hell no! I cant wait to eat "Normal" food.....when i finish CD I never want to see any CD product again and hopefully will never have to!
Well I can't stand milkshakes, never have, but love the choc tetras. When most people are worrying about having sneaked a bit of this or that, it's more likely I've sneaked an extra tetra.

I might see my CDC once a month to get some.


please try again
i will miss my choc mint mousse but im sure i can find a way to make my own
I love the toffee bars, will deffinately miss them with my cuppa in the evening.


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At the moment I think I will miss the choc shakes and at the moment I think that I would have them now and again, but in reality it might be diffent. I also think I will still get the choc bars are I love them and whilst more expensive than chocolate they do satisfy a sugar craving. I have stopped having soups so just have choc shakes and choc tetras.

Mind you, if cottage cheese tasted like nirvana after 12 weeks I wonder what fruit will taste like once I get there???

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