will I ever be slim?!

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by DonnaC85, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. DonnaC85

    DonnaC85 Member

    Ive already lost 7lbs so far this month and my motivation has been good so far.. but tonite ive been thinking..
    When I was in my last year of school I weighed 11.5st and was a size 16. In the 13 years since ive put on 5st 5lbs.. i cant remember being slim ever. Does this mean its very unlikely I will be smaller than a 16? I would love to know how it feels to try a 12-14 on and it fit! :) some people say its possible to be 'big boned' or just 'genetic' whats your opinion of this?
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  3. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    You will lose it honestly, i understand exactly how you feel! I felt like i've always been overweight... and watching my weight creep on just made it feel even more impossible to be skinny...

    I got to 15st10 at my biggest... and my target is 10st 7. I had over 5 stone to lose 3 months ago. I also found an old SW book which told me i was 13st4 in 2011, so i'd been overweight for a good 4 years! (and i know i was overweight before that) I am still young (18) and I know i have the time to lose the weight.

    In the past 4 months I have lost over 3 stone and now weight 12st4lb and am so much closer to target! Don't worry about how far you have to go... just keep going and you'll be so happy with the results!

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BIG BONED :p All my family are big, I don't think it's in our genes, i think its in our habits, our behaviour, we copy them when we were young, we were fed by them, if they had a bad diet then so would we. You can be slim and you can do it, there's nothing stopping you :)

    YOU CAN DO IT! The stones will drop of you honestly :) :) )

    It's sad, because i felt exactly like this before i started now im a size 12 down from size 18 and feel so great
  4. Iwant2beasize12

    Iwant2beasize12 Silver Member

    Can i jus ask how did u lose 4st in 3 months!!! I have a holiday in 6 months n neeed to lose 4stone!!! Dont knw what to do with myseld :/

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  5. Iwant2beasize12

    Iwant2beasize12 Silver Member

    I AM perfectly sure u will be slim! Just keep ur eyes on the prize x

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  6. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Only 3 stone in 3 months! x went from 15-12 :) I basically do SW - I was very strict, no alcohol, I also exercise 5 days a week and try to fit in a lot of cardio and weight training :p I averaged around 3.5-4lb a week :)
  7. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Also, you can do it, as I said, don't drink alcohol it really slows down weight loss as you're body is getting rid of toxins instead of fat, just keep your eyes on the prize ;)
  8. Dayvo

    Dayvo Member

    Hi Donna

    12years ago I played alot of Rugby for school, local club, town and county. I was lucky enough to be selected for an excellence camp where coaches and fitness instructors monitored and compiled reports on all of us. At the end of the week we received these reports with the idea being to learn from your weaknesses and improve the skills you have. some of the stats compiled was height and weight. I was the same height i am now and my weight was 14st.7lb. My point being, me at my fittest, healthiest and best shape of my life was at that weight. So 12 years has past now and at my heaviest I was 22st5lb I am now 16st5lb and lost the majority of my weight these past 3months and still losing it. My goal is to be 14st7lb by summer and i will achieve it because ive trained my body now to expect to work out every day no excuses. the occasional day off if when i feel my body needs to recover but thats it.

    Weight loss is not so much a physical battle because anyone of any size or circumstance can do something extra to get healthier whether by diet or exercise or both. the battle is mental and so the best thing you can do is stay positive stay motivated and stick to it. dont lose hope YOU can do it, not just you donna any and everybody can do it as long as you stay mentally strong and when you doubt yourself or lose faith just picture how you want and will look in your head when you reach your target, thats all the motivation you need.

    It takes about a month for a change in habit to take effect and so that first month is hard but once you get use to it it just becomes a positive part of your life and the rewards are better than anything else in the world.

    The answer to your question is yes you can be the size you want, yes you can fit into that dress size and when you do you will beable to lose more weight and ft into a smaller dress size but you have to remain mentally strong and focused. that is all it takes but that is the hardest part in losing weight.

    I have faith in you and I know if it is what you or anybody else really wants nothing is stopping you and you WILL acheive it. Good luck on your journey and stick to it ;)
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  9. Weathergirl986

    Weathergirl986 Full Member

    Great post, Dayvo! Really inspirational!
  10. DonnaC85

    DonnaC85 Member

    Thankyou all for takin the time to post, really helps!! X
  11. AngelWings

    AngelWings Professional Sky Dancer

    Yes, it is possible to be "big boned" as they say. Why, look at different cultures....

    If you stand me, someone who is half Italian and half Polish/Russian/German, next to someone at the same height who is, I dunno, of Chinese heritage, you're going to see major differences most likely. You're going to see our wrists sizes are different. You're going to feel (through my fat, at least lol ) that our hips widths are different. You're going to see that our backs have a different broadness to them. So, yes, God/Allah/The Universe/whatever created lots of variety when it came to human beings. So don't put your worth into sizes or what the number says on the scale. If you look good, you look good. When people see someone beautiful and fit, they don't go, "Wow, she's hot, but only if she were a size 10 instead of a size 14...." ;)
  12. Iwant2beasize12

    Iwant2beasize12 Silver Member

    Agreed. Focus on what u feel good at rather than a specific number x cos whn u feel good u look good and when ur confident everyone sees what u see x

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