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Will I lose my assets?

Hi again

The main thing Im worried about on this diet, is that I will lose my chest size. Im no melon holder but Ive been unhappy about my size since a stupid diet I had in my teens where I lost alot and became uneven. Now Iv put on too much weight Im more curvier finally and it took 4 stones overweight to finally see it!

Will the ketosis start burning from there first? Or your fattest part or what? I know u cant target burn from what other diets say I just dont wanna be flat or something!

Any help!

Are herbal bust enlarger tablets allowed or any good?
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Everyone's body is different and we all lose weight in different places so noone can say your defo guna lose it all from your chest first.

Personally, i have lost all my boobs, i might aswell be a boy in the chest department - just lucky i got a bf who aint really a boob man! :giggle:
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Em sorry to say no straight forward answer everyone loses weight in different places herbal tablets will knock you out of ketosis you can get bust firming cream which mite help. I lost a cup size and i was only a small c anyway. But to be honest i dont care now i did ALOT a few weeks ago but looking at myself now i realise being a size 10-12 is much more important to me than being a c cup and im still in proportion my boobs dont look any smaller to other people. An thank god for bust enhancing bras i never wore them before but im gonna buy lots now.

Exercising the chest muscles will also help i plan on starting dat as soon as possible.

You need to decide which is more important your boobs or losing the weight. sorry as i said no simple straight forward answer.
Hi Anne

I thought the same thing before I went to get the LT stuff, so I want a bit bigger boobs than before and a fat body or a slim body and whatever boobs are left. I chose LT naturally.

Summergurl ur right its the man that makes u care or not and my man says hes not bothered either but I am bothered, but Id still rather be slim and wear skinny jeans for the first time!

irish molly

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I think you answered your own question. If your boobs were small before you put on weight then they will definitely get smaller on any diet. Healthier and small boobs is better then ill with a pair of melons!! Just think how sexy the rest of you will look!!
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Hi Anne

I thought the same thing before I went to get the LT stuff, so I want a bit bigger boobs than before and a fat body or a slim body and whatever boobs are left. I chose LT naturally.

Haha! Brilliant! sure you never know maybe you will be lucky and get an upgrade in that area and all the fat will disappear everywhere else haha! oh if only we could be so lucky.
S: 13st2lb C: 9st13lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 22.4 Loss: 3st3lb(24.46%)
I wouldnt mind an upgrade! ;-) Funny thing is I just saw a thread with larger boobed women hoping to lose some!

Oh you will hear alot of that with the girls on lipotrim too. We are never happy its definitely a woman thing.
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As the girlies have said, everyone's different - you won't necessarily start losing weight there first, but, it would be a bit odd if you didn't lose any from there, right? I've gone from a 40E to a 36DD, they seem quite a bit smaller comparatively, but if you look at the size, they're relatively not really much smaller.

It's totally worth it though & a good bra does wonders if you're concerned about it! :) If only I could take some of the fat off my thighs & put it on the chest...

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As boobs are mostly fat it stands to reason that you will lose weight on your boobs too.
Over the past 15 weeks I've gone from a 34K to a 32GG. Now I'm sure most of us with bigger boobs rejoice at them getting smaller, but I guess if you're small/average to begin then I can understand your concerns.
But as everyone else has said, surely you'd want to be a healthy weight and have whatever boobs come with that new, slim body.


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My boobs have shrunk by about 6 inches. I have gone from a 46DD to a 40G. Only found that out at the weekend as people had been telling me to get measured as my "over the shoulder boulder holders" were not doing the job properly. I was surprised to find the cup size had gone up so much. :D So its safe to say that I have lost quite a bit off my boobs. :)

Cherry Blossom

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I'm the opposite to the OP. Being a 38K I am really 'hoping' to loose weight from my boobs.

I think the important thing is... if you are happy with the rest of your body, the boobs won't really matter, afterall is that not what chicken fillets were invented for?

As for the size difference when you were smaller... that might, hopefully, even itself out with the weight loss.


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Some people do some dont that much.

I went down about 3 cup sizes. Mine are now tiny! lol but I dont care much to be honest. It shows what our true assets are :D


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I have lost weight quite evenly, my bum hasn't been this size since I can remember. I have gone down from 38d to 32dd, but I am in proportion. I was worried about this question 'cos it has always gone from my bust first before on other diets. Herbal tablets or massage creams won't work so don't waste your money. As far as I can see, theres no way of increasing your size except surgery. Lose your weight and you will feel soooooo fab that numbers won't matter except the smaller size clothing you can get into!
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hey hun, im at goal now and my boobs have got smaller but still a 36f so cant complain. they were way too big before though.

hope u keep ur boobs hun.

x x
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I have been doing this for 2 weeks and have already lost 2 inches from my bust but i have lost 3 from my waist so they actually look bigger lol or so my OH says x

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