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Will I still lose if I have a day off?

I am on day 3 of SF and have been doing well, but I am going out for an Indian meal on Sat night for a friend's 30th and no doubt will be drinking a significant amount of alcohol too!:D

I have under-eaten over the last couple of days in preparation (yesterday I missed 1 snack and dinner was only 400kcal) and was planning on just having 2 SF meals on the Sat day time and no snacks to compensate a little. I will get straight back on plan on Sunday and my weigh in day is Tuesday.

Do you think I will still lose a bit, even with this slight blip?

I will try and go for lower cal options (I don't eat meat so will prob be prawns but I really want a curry of some sort - usually Saag or Jalfrezi). I'll go easy on the rice, poppadoms & naan. Will try and stick to vodka & slimline tonic or JD & diet coke to drink.

I know with WW and SW you can get away with the odd bad day but never tried SF before!
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I think most people would agree that Slim-Fast is quite forgiving, if you have a day off plan. I would say as long as you choose lower cal options, and like you say, stick with vodka & slimline tonic, you should be fine. You sound like you are going to choose sensibly anyway, I would say...go enjoy:D

Oh and from what I can remember, a pappadum has about 50cals each, and Naan bread has about 150cals for 1/2 of one. Maybe you could check online which curry would be best to choose:)

Mel x
I've had saturdays off since I started slim fast, so you should be fine ;) every sat morning I have a big fried brekkie! I don't think I could have stuck to it this long without have a treat day. But I always have all my calories in the days before it, you have to be careful your body doesn't panic and go into starvation mode and hold onto fat. Have a good night out x
Yep a day off plan doesn't hurt that much, SF is a great diet like that so don't feel like by going out and enjoying yourself you are going to blow your diet, as you won't. Just get back to it the day after and you'll be fine. But like Hannah said you should make sure you're eating enough each day to prevent your body from slowing it's metabolism right down as it thinks it's starving! Weird things our bodies, we have to make sure we're putting in the right amount of fuel to get the best results!
I made the most of my day off!:sign0007:

I have calculated the WW points for what I ate yesterday and I estimate it was about 51.5 points, about 16 of which were alcohol!!!

Oh well, I'm back on the SF plan today and am even having boiled potatoes with my roast dinner so hopefully I'll still lost something this week, dispite last night's indulgence.

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