Will it take much persuading?!


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Hi, I was having a cheeky nosey around here as i'm considering going to my GP to ask for xenical. I have loooots of weight to lose, around 9 stone.(unfortunatley!) So obviously my BMI is way over 30. I know that I have to lose around 6lb on my own to show them im serious? I think? I'm just curious as how reluctant the GP is going to be to give it me, and will I need to persuade them? I work in a GP practice myself so I know how awkward they can be!! haha.
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I would imagine it's down to the GP. I didn't have any problems and I didn't even go specifically to get xenical, just to see if there was any help.

I don't think with 9st to lose it would be too hard to get (I need to lose 10st in total)


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well i just went to my gp and asked for it cos i was paying for alli and the woman in boots said in a "i never said this" kinda way to go to my gp and see about the prescription version! my doc just weighed me and said she was happy to give me it.
i would just be ght!
straight with them and im sure youll get it. it is a marvellous medicine if you use it right!
let us know how you get on!!!



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It depends on your GP. I just asked mine and he said yes, no questions asked and I didn't have to lose any weight to prove I was serious or anything. Give it a go, it's well worth it.


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all u can do is try hun! I wouldnt go straight in and say i would like to try xenical! Just explain your unhappy with your weight an really want to make a big effort to loose weight and ask if theres any thing he could do that will help ya! an hopefully he'll mention xen! If he doesnt just add that u have been doing some research into xenical and ask if u could try xenicsl! most docs r usually happy to help people who want to help them selves!

good luck hun and let us know how u go on!!



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I was really nervous about asking the doctor and kinda made it much more than it really was! I explained I had trouble sticking to diets and always cheated, had started on Alli and it had made me stick to it which was re-educating me, then he asked how much that cost, was shocked and prescribed Xenical.

I would go and ask, good luck.


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I just went to the dr and talked to him about my weight and he just told me about reductil and xenical. I went for xencial since the side effects arnt as bad as reductil. He gave me them there and then and aslong as im showing a loss when i go and see him he is more than happy to prescribe them again. I would'nt be nervous about talking to your doctor or about bringing up xenical, thats what its there for. Goodluck and let us know how you get on you'll be fine x


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Last July I went to see my GP about my weight and he sent my away with the 'eat less and excerise more...blah, blah blah. Left very unhappy because all what he had said, I knew already! The point was I was out of control with my eating habbits, I needed help!! After reseaching Gastric Banding I went to see him last week asking for a referral to get one. I told him I had already got a loan and just wanted to be lead in the right direction. He could see how serious I was and offered me Xenical straight away as an alternative to surgery. Why he did not offer it 5 months ago I do not know. So far I am happy with the way Xenical makes me aware of what I eat.
The point is to make the doctor see just how determined you are to lose the weight.


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Go and discuss help with weight problem, as everyone says, he might suggest it himself, if not says you've done some research etc. I had to lose 4lb and come back in a month for the prescription, but I think this is down to the doctor, some prescribe immediately.


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i went to my Gp to talk to him about how i could lose weight, and he suggested it..
some drs like it some dont...

have you tried discussing with your Gp whats the best thing for you?

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My doctor has known for ages that I have been trying to lose weight so when I went to see her a few weeks ago I started saying that I need help to shift the weight and she offered me xenical straight away. I didn't have to lose any weight first or anything like that.


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I didn't even go to my docs with Xenical in mind just went in looking for help...ended up crying a bit...in fact a lot...and he just suggested it and I thought why not give it a go! I'm due back next week for my 1st WI with him and I have to have shown a loss to keep getting it xx


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Went to the docs about my nose - broken. The doctor was really nice and while I was there asked about if they had a dietician there etc.
She said what are you thinking. I said I had been working shifts for 17 years and had been made redundant - I had put on all my weight during shift working and I was looking for a fresh start. She said she could offer me help with that..................guess the rest
She said wasnt too keen on the other one available


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ahh i see :) Thanks so much guys - you're all really lovely! I'm currently in the process of re-registering at a new docs, so as soon as that is sorted I am going to go see them :)
Really appreciate all your help!


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I dont understand sorry lol, did your dr refuse you Xenical?


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Me? Noo:) Just i'm not technically registered anywhere as I registered when I went to uni - so i'm registering somewhere new :)