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Will this really help


I tend to have most of my cals for my tea between 5pm and 7pm at night usually using about 500ish cals.

Will i be better having larger lunches at wrok and then lower cals for my tea? My only problem is that i like to eat meals with my BF after work.
I have hit a stage where im just not really losing. The past 3 weeks i have been stuck going up and down between 2lb's and it's getting on my nerves. If anyone thinks it will make a drastic.noticeable difference to my weightloss i will try and eat more in the day to what i do for dinner.
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i really don't know life
i don't think so hun. if you don't allow enough for the evening it's a lot easier to fall off the wagon. i always leave about 500-600 cals for my evenings coz i know that's when i'm more likely to pick - ahile watching tv etc. i've just spent a month staying at the same weight and it's reaaaally frustrating. i think it's just one of those things. you just have to push through it and try not to focus on it too much. i think now as much as ever is the time when you should be only weighing once a week. doing it every day is making you worry!

push through it hun, i've just come out the other side of a plateau, and i know it's hard, but i think it's the only way - keep doing as youre doing and you're bound to lose sooner or later!

good luck and we're here :)


i really don't know life
But i believe there's also research to refute it! you burn the same amount of calories no matter when you eat them. the only way to burn more is by increasing your metabolism. exercise is the way forward!! you burn extra calories for about 2hrs after exercise, so eat within 2hrs of going to the gym and you'll burn it off faster.

do whatever works for you though, vicky. my will power lowers the later i'm up though, and if you do leave less cals for later in the day, you'll either be going to bed starving or fall off the wagon x


I can totally see where your coming from. I start to want munchies int he evening as it is so if i lower my cals for dinner i will def be givin in...oh well weigh day tomorrow, will see how i do and whether i have got through this...grr


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When you get down, just look at where you started, and where you are now. Stick too it Vicky. I think when I reach my plateau I hope Rhuba's words echo in my ears, and you do eventually get through it.


i really don't know life
seriously, for the past few weeks i've been really depressed getting on the scales and not seeing a loss. it's really disheartening. it's all in the numbers though. i know the exact amount of calories that i'm taking in and i dont eat more on days that i exercise - i just figure that i'll get a better loss that way.

having been on diets before and given up when i've reached a plateau and then piled on all the weight again, i decided it was time for new tactics. i reckon my body was just catching up a bit, and getting used to being a lower weight.

it is really difficult when you know you've done everything right and youre not seeing any results, but i really do think it's something you have to push through. having not lost for nearly 4 weeks, i weighed in yesterday and have lost 2lb! doesnt sound like much, but when you consider that i'm aiming for 1lb per week you can see how i'm chuffed!

chin up vicky, you're doing everything right so it HAS to happen, it's just when xx


Thanks everyone :) x


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I think the body catching up with itself might be the root of it. I did all the right things but didn't lose any weight this week. I like to think it's redistributing itself meanwhile. :eek:

Saving some calories for the evening is something I've not thought about before. I've done it by accident - last night I found I had a Froggo in my pocket at 9pm and still enough allowance to eat it :D

I find a glass of something alcoholic helps too. I just need to work out how many calories in Tesco's Value Brandy mixed with Ribena.

Perhaps we should start a Plateau Club :p


I have stopped eating after 8pm where i can, if im starvin i will have something small but otherwise i try an not bother because the fat apparently stores int he body overnight...


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Hey Vicky I just want to echo what Rhuba has said - wont make any difference when you eat the calories! I also have most of my calories in the evening, most of the time im too busy at work to bother about being hungry so its easier to avoid eating. Whereas at home there is loads of temptation!
I'm also in a depressing plateau unfortunately. I have only lost 4 pounds this month - its been quite difficult to keep motivated with such slow loss. Fingers crossed for us all at next weigh-in. :sigh: