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Willowfire365's diary!

I really hope no one minds me posting this when I haven’t really started the LT diet but I wanted to document my progress from the beginning!

I went to my GP today who had no idea about the LT programme at all so she’s going to have a look into it and hopefully in 2 weeks I should be able to start. I’ve started cutting down on carbs, upping my water intake and switching to green tea so I’m really hoping that this will help me when I start! I do feel a little disappointed that I cant start sooner but I know that it’s better to get my dr’s guidance and support. I’ve decided I might go to the pharmacy that’s supposed to sell everything near me to double check if it’s still going there! Don’t want to be ready to start with no where to get everything from so that’s my mission tomorrow - at least it feels like a good first step!

Anyone have any more tips before I start completely???

As I said I hope you all don’t mind me starting this diary now but I really think writing everything down will help me - if I shouldn't have posted yet feel free to delete!

Hope your all well.

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I think it's great you've posted, now we can look out for you. If you go onto lipotrims website, they should list all the pharmacies that participate in this program.
cutting down the carbs and upping the water can only help x
Thank you so much for the replies and I’m so glad it was ok to post :)

I thought I’d update as I had a breakthrough today!

I had cereal for breakfast and then I went today to see the pharmacy near me that’s running the programme and they’ve agreed for me to start now and I’ve just had my first shake!!! It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would taste! I really feel like this is a massive step forward! :D

I’m sitting drinking my water and resting as my joint pain has been a bit rubbish since this morning. Apparently all my tablets wont effect the diet so it’s all go! I’m really pleased as at the moment I don’t feel hungry at all!

It does sound so silly but I don’t quite believe at the moment that I’ll loose weight….I suppose that I’ll believe it when I see some results!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Tc X


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Hiya Willowfire, Welcome!!!
Its great u got to start today, why delay!! 1st week is tough but u will get through it any time ur tempted log on here theres always someone here that will help u out and just remember water water water!!!
The results are really amazing each weigh in spurs u on that bit longer!!! Good luck willow, i'll look out for ur posts! if u need anything just ask, someone will know the answer !!!

Good luck
Thank you so much lou1 - it's amazing to see how friendly this forum is! I really feel at home already!:D

So starting day 2 and I must admit I feel really great and strong - pain is bad today but I still feel strong! I've had one shake already and I'm on a cup of peppermint tea and my 2L bottle of water! I managed over 3L yesterday and i was really pleased! I've spent a lot of time reading everyone’s diary's and it's so wonderful to see everyone getting on so well!

tc everyone X


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Hi Willowfire :) Glad to see you've managed to get started on the diet - and a good start too! :) Welcome and good luck xx
Thank you so much Jayne! I’m really looking forward to where this journey will take me!

So end of day 2 and I’m shattered! I suffer from fatigue with my M.E but i'm sitting trying to keep my eyes open at the moment and that's a challenge!

I can say though I’ve been 100% today!!! Yay! Really pleased with myself!
:D I’m on to my 4th L of water which I think is good so I think I’m going to drink my peppermint leaf tea and head to bed soon - so rock n’ roll!

Hope everyone’s had a great day!



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Day 2 done, yay!!! most people start to go into ketosis day 3 or 4 so it'll only get easier!!! no hunger but ya still get the odd cravings!!!

Good night and good luck tomorrowx
Thanks so much again Lou1! I really hope I start to feel the ketosis soon! I’ve not felt hungry yet just a grumbling tummy! How are you today?

Hi Lenni! I guess you started Monday then? That’s fab! I have my first weigh in on Tuesday morning and I’m kinda scared! Which sounds so silly as I’ve kept 100%! I’ll make sure I keep an eye on how your doing :D

So start of day 3 and I woke up slightly later than normal with a rather loud grumbling tummy! It did make me laugh as it was so loud lol my pain is a bit bad but it’s added by really bad period pain (sorry if that’s tmi lol) I have to say I’m so happy tho as normally I get super hungry before I start and this time I didn’t so it’s amazing!!!

Even tho I’m in pain I’m going to try doing a few step ups this morning and see how I get on. Also I’ve started trying to use the toilet upstairs rather than downstairs when I need to pee (which is all the time at the mo!) which I hope it helps with the weight loss too! I do have to cave once in a while and use downstairs when I’m sore but stairs can only help I think!

Hoes everyone having a great day so far!

So end of day 3 and although I’ve been 100% and had a fantastic day till about 6pm and now I feel so low it’s crazy! I got some lovely post today and some good news but tonight I sorted tickets for something out and it didn’t turn out that great and it’s made the fact I was feeling low even worse. Sorry to moan but I’m praying this feeling wont last long cos at the moment it doesn’t feel good.

So so sorry to be like this!

Tc all X
Hey willow, chin up Ur doin gr8. Maybe hav a sneak visit 2 d weighing scales, it's bound 2 cheer u up. U've had 3 days of bein 100% so Ur bound 2 have lost sum weight. Mite perk u up n little n encourage u 2 keep goin. X
Morning Lenni! Thanks so much for the advice. I went ahead and did a sneaky weigh in and as far as I can tell....I've lost 8lbs!!!

I weighed myself on my Wii Fit board on Tuesday when I started and I’ve always found it to be very accurate as it gives BMI too and according to it I have indeed lost 8lbs! I'm rather in shock and I know the scales at the pharmacy might show different but it's made me smile!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Tc all X
Thanks so much again Lenni! I was really surprised!

End of day 4 and again 100% so I’m really happy! I’m feeling super tired tonight but I’m sure I’ll be fine! Got a stupidly busy weekend which might not be that great but hopefully I’ll get through! Think I might have to forget that extra bit of TV for tonight and head to sleep!

Tc everyone!

Hi all! End of day 5 (well actually into day 6 lol) and did another day 100% and feeling ok. The major problem I'm having at the moment is really really sore dry lips and dry hands! I don't know if this is normal but I'd love to hear from anyone else who gets this on the diet and if anyone has anything that might help - my lips are so painful and red :-(

Hope everyone is ok

Tc X
If u go on2 den den diary she has gone tru this willow n I no another girl mention it 2. I'm not suffering from this but so far I've had 2 days wr I'm freezin n cant get d heat in2 me at all.
funny you both say that - i'm the exact same - dry lips, the usual disgusting taste in my mouth (which i knw is brill cause it's a sign we are burnin fat & in ketosis. I got a lip balm and all is well. Keep her lit folks. We will do this
Me too with the dry hands and chapped lips...i love that everyone posts all their feeling, symptoms and challenges on
Here it makes me feel better to know that things are normal/expected on this diet.

I guess its more water and moisturiser for me. Im drinking loads tho but i feel like i pee it all out in the hour, so its like my body isnt using much of it!!??

Day 1 & 2 didnt go tooooo bad. Im hoping day 3 is the same.

Happy sundays guys and well done on your progress so far.

JB xxxxx

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