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WIND !!!!!!

Hi , I have swapped from Lipotrim in the last week and CD seems to give me almost constant wind !! does anyone else suffer with this with CD ?? could it just be beacause I am doing SS+ so am eating a lot of protein and green veg .. or is it the CD products that are extra windy as didnt have this problem on LT !!!!!

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Gone fishing
Protein shouldn't. The veg can, but the quantities are very small for SS+ so if you are measuring correctly it shouldn't be a problem.

The bars can give you wind though! Are you having bars yet?


Gone fishing
Ah.. it'll be the bars then.

You could try cutting them in half with a pair of scissors and having half twice a day. I always did that anyway as I'm a grazer. Seemed to give me less wind too :cool:


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I suffer terribly from with the bars. For some reason its worse with the peanut one and have ended up drinking copious amounts of mint tea with that one to "untrap" it ;-)

Good advise from KD re cutting it in half. Now why did I not think of that!


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I usually suffer from wind if I am naughty and have more than one bar in a day. Apart from that no wind effects.
I can only have bars in the evening. I had one for breakfast a few days ago because I felt the need to EAT something, and I had horrible, crampy wind all day:eek: At least if I have them before bed it sorts itself out overnight.
MmMmMm bars!! They are so yummy. The chocolate one is my fav hehe! I have alot of wind anyway :eek: i guess i must just be a windy person haha. When i was little my family used to call me ''little miss poopy bottom'' :mad: Its not sexy believe me! Also i think i am a wee bit more blowly on CD haha. Altho i ''pump alot in my sleep... or so OH tells me anyway, so half the time i dont even know haha. :p ok maybe that was TMI :rolleyes:

ANYWAY in answer to your question no not really, maybe a wee bit but not much!! haha xxx


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Yup I've heard that about the bars, thankfully none of it has an effect on me though! My friend was terrible with them though and she did what KD said, had them half at a time and that sorted her out.

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