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Wish me luck

I'm off to my week 2 weigh in this morning. I expect about a 3lb loss which I'm convincing myself is ok as it was always my aim to lose 3lbs per week on LT (but secretly wishing that it would be more!).

I'm planning to try the dreaded flapjacks this week - I'm hoping they will suit my savoury tooth as the general consensus is that they're salty.

Will let you know how I get on - thanks for all your support this far.

Peggie xx
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Good luck Peggie x mine is later today as well so I know the feeling


is loving the soup?!
Good luck! Fingers crossed for you xxxx
good luck hun...rooting for you!:)


soon to be minnie mouse
got everything crossed for you. good luck
Come on!! Hurry up and let us know! ;) GOOD LUCK!!
Thanks everyone.

As predicted I lost just over 3lbs but that means I've shifted half a stone in two weeks so I'm on target :D.

OH lost 5lbs which makes an amazing 1 stone in two weeks:wow:.
Well done to both of you.

Make sure you try the flapjack with a hot coffee or tea - it helps! I love them but many don't!

Congrats Peggie & OH :D:D great losers


is loving the soup?!
That's great Peggie well done to you both x

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