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Witchy's diary

Well the first step is im here and started my journey so yay me lol.

I need to log my journey to help me through it. I cant wait till I can put mirrors back in the house.

Its been a ten year creepage slowly putting more and more weight and then hating myself and then ordering takeaways and chocolate for a quick fix to making feel better.

After seeing my son crying over horrid boys making songs about me and feel the worst ive ever felt, I decided to make a drastic move and try and shift this weight.

So far apart from my husband friends have rolled there eyes and laughed disses what im doing saying 'oh your fine as you are its you' and 'OMG who can I go out now for Starbucks and Macdonalds' so so far no support haha except hubby who is brilliant.

So the journey starts, I started on Monday and have spent my days looking at the photo threads to keep me in the happy zone, rubbing firming creams on myself, skiing on my gazelle and doing arm exercises and not looking at food adverts (which should be banned lol).

Doing good so far, ive managed to get through Friday night DVD night (not mentioning the takeway lol) I had my shake and drank water, i was very proud of myself.

Yesterday we had to meet my husbands father for a meal, they all moaned at me for not drinking or eating, I sat there with iced water and my tetra, so if I can do this then im on my way.

I weight in at 22 stone and have a long way to go but im positive and happy and thats half the job done for me.
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Was born to shop
Hi Witchy,

Good luck with your journey :)

Kids can be cruel and it hurts a lot when you find out they are being pickedon because of your weight.

Well done so far ;)
Hi Witchy,

Good luck with your journey :)

Kids can be cruel and it hurts a lot when you find out they are being pickedon because of your weight.

Well done so far ;)
Thank you Maria im exercising at home and drinking 6 litres of water a day and totally sticking to it, which ive never stuck to a diet ive just yoyoed from one diet to another, having this forum is really helping me as Im reading everyones diaries and looking at pics and seeing how well everyone is doing, im really excited.

Ok its day eight and ive had my hour on the skiing machine, feeling really good as my trousers seem to fit more comfy and my face is looking better, cant believe how quick things happen, I have cheek bones again, cant wait to loose the chin.
Woot woot ok ive had my first weight in today and ive lost 10 Ib I am soooo excited right now this is amazing, never thought Id loose so much in a week, no turning back now I can do this. Not felt this buzz in years.


Positivity is the key
Hi Witchy,
Great weight loss, glad to hear you are so inspired by it all. I've just started the lipotrim and weigh in at 20 stone 5lb, so know the struggle. I have three small boys myself, 7, 5 and 2. So far they don't seem to be picked on over my weight but that would only be a matter of time. Sorry to hear friends etc are not supportive and remember there is more to you than starbucks and MacDonalds. Once they see your commitment they will hopefully jump on board. Best of luck
Thank you for that Dorrin thats why I like this place its like a safe haven and everyone knows what it feels like and your right and the more I read in this place the more determined I am to do this and prove everyone who thinks I wont succeed just how good I will look when ive finished and want me back.


Positivity is the key
Good for you Witchy, I can hear the determination in you. Keep it up. You're worth it.
Good for you Witchy, I can hear the determination in you. Keep it up. You're worth it.
You are too :hug99:thank you for the support, you have it right back too.
It was a hard night last night was really hungry so I went to bed early, so glad I didnt fall off the wagon, ive never been this strong in my life, so off I went to bed.

This morning woke up more positive and tried a pair of new old trousers on they are a size smaller than what I am but, zipped em up and im wearing them now so last week I was a size 24 and couldnt wear trousers cos of my shape and this week im wearing a size 22 which has room in too.


Positivity is the key
That's fantastic Witchy, congrats on dropping that size. Keep it up.
Well ive managed to survive the weekend, sundays are the hardest so im keeping myself busy and going to take myself off to bed early once the kids are bed so I can treat myself to a Sanctuary Spa bodywrap a treat to me, then a bit of selftanning. If I keep busy I will be fine.

Looking forward to my weight in on Tuesday cant wait to see what it will be, even if its small its a loss and Rome wasnt built in a day.
Well done lasting the weekend. I find them the hardest. Congratulations dropping a size it makes this diet worth it keep it up x
Well done lasting the weekend. I find them the hardest. Congratulations dropping a size it makes this diet worth it keep it up x
Thank you so much. Yeah weekends are hard, soooo pampering is the future haha well it gets me through and takes my mind off food.
congrats on your first week loss, thats amazing! you are doing great! well done! x
Thank you csikitty good luck with your journey x
Ok got on the scales and reached my first stone goal, 15 pounds so far thats quicker than I thought I would lose so im really happy, still drinking loads of water and dancing round the room like a loon to salsa dance dvd.

Not too good at the moment touch of the man flu (thanx Beast) but im not doing my usual feed a cold thing im going to plod on.
Thank you David.

Well im into week three now and have noticed a firmness now in my skin, I use them three times a day and have never exercised as much as I never have had the time, now im making the time to do it.

Im loving playing on the Wii, I bought a Salsa De Amigo wii game where you have to Shake your maracas (really you do lol) to the music to win, your arms kill and your abs but I dont like using gyms as im self conscious so this is great.
Had my week three weight in today and only lost three pounds, but on the balance of things its nearly TOTM and im swelling up and feel achy and yack, my CDC did measure me and WOW ive lost ten inches all over.

I can tell as my new lovely bras that I had specially fitted for me now will make a great pair of ear muffs as they dont fit at all, my trousers are too big and I have appeared to have lost a dress size, a few ring sizes and my feet have slimmed down.

Had to take my rings off, gutted but hey its a sacrifice im happy to take cos my engagement ring fits me again woot woot, not had it on for four years.

Im now a normal size shoe and not a wide fitting to, so all in all a good day.

Weekend was quite hard, had to go to 40th party on Saturday night which was hell and a BBQ yesterday, there I was with my water and sick of people trying to pull me off my wagon, was really annoying and was sick of all the ewwww thats a bad diet it will do you know good, I just smiled and kept my cool.
Not caught up on here for a few weeks, im on week five this week and just had my weight in, TOTM was two weeks late and still on it so was dreading it.

My house is on a slant so stupid scales never read for me or CDC so best option is Boots scales, so I get the print out ever week just before she comes then I know its spot on. WOOT WOOT 7Ib loss this week im walking on air I cannot believe it.

Trying really hard to this, totally hate weekend they nearly send me up the wall but husband is being really strong for me and bullies me.

Working really hard with my training too loads of walking and exercising, something I have never done before, im loving all the new attention and new changes, its really exciting and like my lovely ButtERfly friends say we are changing into something quite beautiful.
well done witchy- nice reading your story so far and well done again for keeping on track whilst going to social events -imagine how you will feel at all the christmas social events when you have your pick of what to wear! sticking to the water/products at socail events can be very hard indeed x

I have restarted cd for the umpteenth time but like you I am trying to add in some daily movement
(swimming/cycling/walking and wii) and i really need to work on upping the water- how do you get through so much in a day?!? - i keep forgetting to drink it eg i have one litre down by approx 11am and then i seem to lose the plot until around 6 and I just cant seem to space it out properly.

anyway keep up the good work- and the diary so that hopeless people like me with zero willpower can be inspired enough to not give up so easily.;)

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