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With my tail between my legs...

... I'm thinking of returning to CD after 18 months of yo-yoing the same 2ish stone since I left CD...

I can't seem to get a grip on "real food" long enough to lose the original weight I wanted to and I think now I came off CD too early and that's why it hasn't stayed off...

So, I got back in touch with my previous counsellor and thanks to Easter and her meetings being in a church hall I'm not going back until next Saturday! I've got some CD stuff still laying around so gonna check whether it's still in date and try to not go completely crazy before then...

Expect rants!
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hoping for a good loss
welcome back.

Rant away chick x
Hey fed-up-and-fat,

Thanks for your reply! I think there's gonna be a lot of ranting going on around here...
Dont worry about the tail thing :D ya back on it now so thats all that matters!!

You know this diet works WELL!

Be good & best wishes xxxx
Hey mrsessex,

I'll take a guess by the name but sounds like you're local to me!

That's the problem, I know CD works... And I don't get the results anywhere else... So, I'm back!
Not far away then!
Hey Sarah, I've just come back, so 'hi' :)

Hey mrs essex, how's things? Wasn't sure there'd be anyone I remember on here.
Aww Liz.. nice to see you :) are you back ss'ing? im not sure about anyone other than from these boards as i dont tend to stray into the other boards haha. Im kinda maintaining now havnt quite got to 'goal' weight but am happy (ish..kinda lol) at where im at right now..

Hows it going?x
Hey watergirl...

An apt name I feel?! Glugging away...
It's going well thanks hun. Have been trying to lose weight on low carb and found it great for stabilising mood and hunger, but the weight loss was painfully slow! So doing this to get back to where I was! See you're off to Florida in the not too distant future!! That's what got me back into this mess lol :)

Hey Sarah - yep, I do love my water :) and I also have a LOT of baths when ss-ing so that I don't smell my BF's food!
So water all round then?!

Hey yummy mummy...
Yes I went in September - got down to 11 stone for it, then put on about 1.5 in Orlando, then another stone over Christmas.

It was fun though!!! Haven't got a trip planned for this year, but we might do a last minute deal. Would love to have gone in May, but have work commitments.
Ahh that's a shame

I'm sure you'll get a holiday this year at some point

I'm gonna enjoy the food again this year out there but never go too wild lol x

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