wk 12 Wi (1st wk refeed)


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Well after eating this week ive only lost 1/2lb but at least I haven't put on, it feels really strange eating again but really good. I will confess tho I went to christmas markets in mcr last night with OH and had pancakes with cream and chocolate :break_diet:It was nice but not as nice as I was expecting just hope I don't pay for it next week, Im not feeling too guilty as it is the first time that I have strayed in 12 weeks!!!!!
Good luck everyone getting weighed xx
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Its still a loss hun and well done! As ya have said its the first stray in 12 weeks so ya are entitled to it, gud for ya!


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oh well done, at least you havent put on any weight and its still a loss!... i wouldnt worry too much about the mmmm pancakes..lol. you gotta deserve some kinda treat after putting up with it all for so long. well done


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Well done on the loss at least its not a gain & your eating again...Mmm pancakes....well you deserved a treat would'nt you say!!! Caz xx


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Well done on still losing during refeed, I have been told that it can be a funny week and not to worry if my weight goes up a bit when I start it, so that is brill!

I work in town but am avoiding the Xmas markets at moment to avoid temptation until nearer Xmas but it smells fab. So long as you enjoyed it and you resist if it triggers any cravings then I think you've earned the right to be normal x


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well done denajane. You sound totally in control. :)


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Well it's a minus figure at least, which is fab. ;)

You're entitled to spoil yourself with pancakes and stuff....just don't do it too often! :D