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wk 3 wi and no longer a happy bunny

Well despite my 13inch loss this week i've not managed to shift any weight :'( i'm so gutted i was convinced id have lost 2-3lbs but i am not gonna give up and it will shift eventually :sigh: not quite sure why i haven't lost any weight but this is the weight i've now been stuck at since january can't seem to get past 17lbs and i thought the CD would just smash straight through it but it's been stuck there for 2 weeks in a row :cry::cry:
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i know but i'm really gutted am just cooking some lean pork steak with sweet potato and broccoli sigh :(


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I know it is very disheartening when the scales don't move:hug99:

On the up side look how many inches you have lost this week!!!

Love Mini xxx
i know i'm not gonna let it affect me dieting this week coz i'm determined to be slim for my wedding just pees me off a bit ahh well heres to next weeks fantastic weight loss lol bottoms up :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:


I can do this.
Hi N..uve lost so many inches....so some loss must have happened, u may be retaining water....keep at it and don't do what i did,lol.


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Hey, give yourself some credit hon. You are sticking to the plan and you lost 13 inches (is that in one week?!) Congrats. :)
drink about 4-5litres but i had drank about 3 before i'd gotten weighed today and i'm still over the moon about my inch loss and yes lyn that is in one week... 3 inches off my tummy, to even 1/2 an inch off my neck lol my mums just texted me and said (dunno if this is right so maybe sum1 could clarify) i'll be retaining water as i'm drinking so much and it's breaking down the fat?????? either way its poop lol


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S: 19st7lb C: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Amazing inch loss. If you had the water a couple hours before it might've had an impact on scales not budging. Can't be helped though.
Well just had my tea and it was yummy and lovely and full now :)
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Nina I am so disappointed for you, you deserve a loss and I can understand how you feel. But as everyone has said something must be happening for you to be losing all those inches so put it down to water retention. Keep up the good work you're doing brilliantly.

THanks for all the encouraging words everyone :) Well i've been ok today aside from doing something to my neck and shoulders, i cant move my body from the waist up properly, bit like it's gone into spasm so i've been lying flat on my back for most of the day but had a lovely power shower and that seems to have helped. Just been preparing tea....having chicken marinated in bbq sauce with peppers and onions, broccoli and sweet potato wedges followed by strawberries and elmlea light :)
yummy hehe

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