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Wobbly's journey from BMI 47 to 25

Yesterday I had a packet of xenical and no other information at all, then I found this site. Thank you!!
I have now got information overload. I have registered on the MAP programme. (A nurse led programme for xenical users.)

Am now planning a weekly menu- then shopping. I will post menu plan here and any side effects that happen.

I have created a tracker thingy that will show my total weight loss.
I have seen many inspirational women.
I will take a picture monthly and post it to my profile.
I am ready to be half the woman I am and not miss the other half.

I am terrified of anal leakage.:eek:
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Menu plan for Monday

Porridge with water

Baked beans on toast
2 satsumas
Muller light yogurt

Chicken with pearl barley and apricots
Mashed potato
Broc and carrotts

2l of water
2x green tea
3x pills

Going shopping! Any comments on menu plan would be appreciated!
Great you have started; keeping a diary on this forum really helps as does the encouragement and pats on the back you get from members. It has made a big difference to my attitude after several failed attempts in the past.
First day! Did not start tablets as wanted to get fat out of my system after had a final weekend of dumplings, chocolate and yorkshire puddings!
Will start tablets tomorrow.

Have to plan tomorrow's food soon. The apricot, pearl barley chicken thing was yummy.
Porridge w. water

Baked beans on toast
2 satsumas
Muller light yogurt

Don't know yet.
Just had my first blue pill. Now DH and myself are on blue pills!! His are not the same as mine- maybe he has to take his because I am in need of mine!

OK- dinner
Spinach and lentil daal, rice raita.
Muller light
Forgot the lunch pill yesterday and changed dinner-
Typed in low fat curry recipes into google and top one had a fantastic veggie curry recipe- so had that with raita.

Today- same as yesterday for b'fast and lunch and dinner will be leftover curry and rice.

Hopefully will remember to take all 3 pills today!
OK- I haven't had a proper poo yet. Is this normal?

I am a creature of habit. Same for breakfast and lunch. Going out for dinner. Bit worried but going to Wagamama, should be ok.

Wish me no anal leakage!!
Yeah! I did it- i ate out. Had Wagamama's chicken itame, raw salad, edemame beans with chilli and garlic salt and mango and lychee sorbet.

Am actually beginning to enjoy this- feeling good now.

Haven't got on the scales though, will do on Monday.

A real struggle to drink 2 litres of water a day...
Breakfast- as normal

Lunch- 2 mini bagels with tuna and quark and tomato, lettuce and cucumber and 2 satsumas and a muller light.

Dinner- not sure, DD having a sleepover so will wait and see.

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