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Woman talk.. get in here gals.. OT


I dont think im PG.. i get like this every month. Im not even trying BUT im currently 1 week and 1 day late.. actually 6 days late if u take febs 28 days in to consideration.

Im bloated like a whale.. i have put on 5lbs (due to naughty eating eating) but some of this was before i went away.. My face seems to have gone puffy aswell...

Im VERY hungry 1st thing in the morning for about 2 days now... (this may be due to increased sugar levels)

Im weeing alot.. it doesnt hurt when i wee
but Iv also been getting sharp pains in my kidneys... havent done a test yet but made docs appointment for friday morning.

Does it sound like early pg symptoms gals?
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Oh Sona - im not sure being a mother to 3 furry babies LOL :)
Sounds like you might have infection what with the pains though. Cant you get into drs earlier?
Yes pain sounds like a possible infection. I would see the doc anyway, to be sure. poor you Sona!
Well im defo not PG TOM finally arrived.. painfully!!
still feel like pain in my kidneys tho! not the same as cramps.
Cant get to docs any earlier they have no more appointments!

thanks anyway gals..


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Ahhhh. were you hoping???? xxx
drink plenty of water xxx (am sure you do anyway) but does sound like infection. Poor you x
Tell them you think you might have a kidney or water infection Sona ,somethings shouldnt be left un treated !!

( and hi btw,long time no speak !!)

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