Woohoo 2 weeks done!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by goose, 20 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    Ok so weighed in at home (i always go by scales and not the pharmacy ones!) and a Loss of....3.5 lbs off! I am happy with that. I know from my last time on lipotrim my average weekly loss was 3lbs. Id love it to be 4/5 lb but hey ho!

    So im 11st9.5lbs ... 12.5lbs lost in two weeks!
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  3. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    Just realised thats 3 stone still to go. Blurghh
  4. Yeye

    Yeye Well-Known Member

    Well done! One day at a time! We will do this! I weigh in in the morning :) xx
  5. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    Thankyou gorgeous... Yes you are absolutely right. One day at a time...
  6. One day at a time and a loss no matter how small is still a loss and therefore positive. I am sure if it was so easy and rapid it wouldn't be so good for your health x
  7. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    Thankyou xx

    How are you getting on? X
  8. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    all going the right way thats the main thing....

  9. daisey123

    daisey123 Well-Known Member

    That would take a month on slimmers world!! Haha well done. X

    CANKSTER Well-Known Member

    Good work that's a brilliant loss :)

    I don't eat I Vape :)
  11. Well I have been so up for it all morning and doing the housework and cutting the lawn but once it hit 3pm I just crashed......shaky dizzy and not feeling myself but I know this is to do with the loss of food and that. I am sure it will pass and I will feel better after the weekend, just know I have to keep going and I will be making sure I have an early night and chill a bit more tomorrow x

    Ended up with 2 of them, how are you doing today my lovely?
  12. GingerJV

    GingerJV Well-Known Member

    Wow! great loss! My congratulations!!;-) Keep going!
  13. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    Aww plenty of water n the feeling should pass, dont overwork yourself either. Keep busy but not too physically busy! Read a book!! Xxxx
  14. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    Thankyou xxx
  15. Thank you goose, I am trying to drink as much as possible but I have never been too great at drinking plenty of fluid. I am 1.5l at the moment and I am really loving the thicker shake with plenty of ice and coffee water lol. I am getting through the day but thinking a lot about food, I am intending to start the 50 shades series once my last essay for university out of the way xx
  16. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    Oohhh saucy!! Ivd tried reading but not really managed to get past the first few pages!
  17. Well to be honest once I get into a good book I forget about everything else as it tends to consume my time totally xx

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