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* * * WooHoo ~ Its Friday ~ Lets Do It Hour by Hour * * *


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My goodness Chika, let me wipe the sleep out of my eyes!!!

I hope to have a good day today but I'm just not in the zone this week :mad:

Hoping my mojo comes back soon. Work has been a mare this week - very busy because we are short staffed. Means I haven't been able to keep up with the dailies this week :(. I'm running on empty - and even so only managed 4 hours sleep last night!

Hope everyone has a fantastic super duper wonderful day!!! :D


is Special :P
Hey to you two lovely ladies.....i am work ....again.....lol.

I seem to live here at the moment i work from 7 till 6.30 and then go home and work. Today is my early day though wooo i finish at 1 (hopefully) but i have to go to a safety discussion in Manchester in half and hour. Lol What a day! And i ve been roped into working Sunday and documenting the wrok we do and editing it in a video for all the lads to learn from.

Gosh. Hope you have a better one girls.

Taz x


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Morning Girlies!!

It's Friday - yay!!!! The weekend it here and I've overdosed on the happy pills (again)!!! Oh well.

Chika hun - hope the wedding went well. Got everything crossed for your 100% SS today and good luck with the cleaning. Perhaps you can pop over to mine and give it a go when you're done!

Westiegirl - you poor thing. Lack of sleep sucks. And being busy at work .... just not going your way at the mo is it chick :(. Keep that chin up and soldier on through - you can do it ;)

Tazzi - Have a great day! Enjoy finishing at 1 (i'm soooo jealous :sigh:) and hope that work on Sunday goes well.

Anyone else find it harder to get the water going when it's soooo bloomin' cold??? :confused:


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Morning girls!

Sarah you poor love, I feel for you. Do you have the weekends off? Hopefully you will be able to catch up on your sleep then?

Taz, wow i think you must be doign the longest days in history! Have fun in Manchester and make sure that you go shopping and treat yourself when the safety talk is done!

Dobbie, please can I borrow some of those happy pills? Its freezing here and so dull and grey aned I honestly just wanna go to bed. methinks that not much cleaning is going to be done here today :)

Go girls and drink that water!


I will get to goal .....
Chika (and anyone else needing some)- happy pills coming to you by way of vibes ..... ready, steady, catch!!

Get your butt into cleaning mode too Mrs! It won't do itself now will it?? And - think of all those calories you'll burn doing it ;). Stick the radio/music on and have a boogie too - that'll make you happy :D
Morning all

Haven't managed to keep up with the daily since coming back from hols, work gets in the way! But I am at home today due to a train strike - YEAH! Back onto SS but doesn't look like my body is retaining water from the flight and doesn't want to let it go as the scales aren't moving. Clothes feeling loose so I will stick at it and hopefully given a week or so it will sort itself out!

Chika I'm with you on the cleaning house thing but let's ease ourselves in gently, we've got all day, surely there is no rush!?

Thanks for the happy pills Dobbie I can feel them working! Taz and Sarah stop working so hard!!

morning everyone,

A day off for me today and I have loads to do - got a big long list of things I must do today, so I have to keep away from minimins a bit, otherwise I'll just waste the day again :eek:

Dobbie - have you been a good girl? :D

We're off to Birmingham tomorrow for a karate tournament, so I have to put my beloved baby boy in kennels for 2 nights, starting from tomorrow morning. I also have loads of washing and ironing to do, plus I need to scramble in the loft and get out a travel bag of some sorts.

I'm taking tetras with me for the weekend, but I hate them cold out of the carton, so I'm not looking forward to that much. We also all go out for a meal on Saturday night so I have to sit and watch everyone stuffing their face. I daren't take any bars with me because they give me terrible wind (TMI sorry) :eek:, and I'd feel a right idiot. I'm totally in the SS zone though, so won't be tempted to eat.

OK well that's my blurb for now. Hope everyone has a good day - keep drinking lots of water :D


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Good morning each and everyone.
Thanks for the happy pills Dobby,

We are off out soon, taking our friends to Beth Chatto Gardens this morning. Bit dull and dreary here but no rain.

Hope everyone has a good day, plenty of housework to be done by the sound of it...all that calorie burning...

Pop in later

Take care
Morning everyone!

Dobbie I have taken the happy pills, just waiting for them to kick in!!!
Jessica was awake early again, so Westiegirl I totally sympathise with you about the lack of sleep!!! I am exhausted!

Not only that, but I am babysitting this evening and tomorrow evening, as I am a registered Baby Sitter. I may have to consider giving it up until Jessica is sleeping better.
Things are all quiet on the house front and every day I get the feeling that the house we would really like is going to be snapped up by someone else :( I know Hubby says we can go into Rented accomodation until we find something we like, but I don't want to!!! I feel like crying today!!

I wole up at 2.00 with a pounding headache, drank some water and still feel rough -so I hope I am not coming down with anything.
I really want to get my hair cut tomorrow, as I am starting to look like a shaggy dog! besides which I need those new trousers for work!!! - ooo and maybe a new pair of shoes! - I think those happy pills have just kicked in!!! Lol

I am on Day3 of AAMW and to be honest I don't want the food! I am far happier not to have AAMW and just keep SS'ing. I actually feel quite bloated after eating it and the thought of only measuring out 3oz (I think it is) of chicken and eating 2 tablespoons of veg, just doesn't excite me!

I am so sorry to be the negative one today.....
Ooooooh-just caught a bunch of those happy vibes:vibes:-they washed over me in a warm golden glow!
Just when I needed them, too.:thankyou:

I will save the happy pills till later-when I may have a 'slump' of positve mental attitude!!!

:party0049: In a better frame now!



I will get to goal .....

Sussex - I've been a very good girl!! Had my frozen choc tetra last night while BF stuffed his fillet steak & chips! He has it rare so the blood on the plate was enough to kerb any temptations :jelous:. How you doing?? Said your daily mantra yet???? Enjoy the tournament this weekend - sounds like loadsa fun!

Mrs V - see I knew the happy pills would work :p. Stop those negative thoughts about babysitting. Think of the money (new trousers, shoes, barnet chop) and see it as a welcome distraction from the temptations of food ;)

HM - have a lovely day chick. Wish I was going to a garden centre instead of sitting at my desk :(. There's something very relaxing about the calm of garden centres ;)

Porgeous - lukcy for you chick working from home! I wish I could wangle that one more often:rolleyes:. The hour commute to work down the M4 is such a killer at times. Have a good day - hope the happy pills kick in soon - remember to visit us often today ;)

Bye for now :D


I will get to goal .....
Oooh Jax - soz our posts crossed!! There's plenty of happy pills to go round today, so don't be shy with them!!!


I will get to goal .....
ooohh and I know it's naughty, but I did get weighed this morning. Lost 1.6 lbs on 1 day of SS - updated my ticker and crossed off 2 mini goals .... perhaps that's the cause of my happy pill od!!!
OK-took on board all those happy pills and I am feeling GREAT!!!Lol:bliss:

Ahhh bless you girlies-I started the day with the right hump feeling sorry for myself and after a short while here-I am feeling grand:girlpower:
Its Friday! wooo! The week has flown by!
Im struggling with my water this morning, I'm so cold, even wrapped up with the radiators on full! Every mouthful makes me shiver brrrr.

Last night to celebrate a month ssing,for some inspiration I dug out my "skinny clothes" from 2002! all size 12s and 10s, and I made some hillarious attempts of squeezing into them! ( now have 3 buttons to sew back onto things!) but the size 12 jeans went up my thighs!, couldn't fasten any up though! I need to go out this weekend and invest in a cheap pair of size 14 jeans, the 16s fell off me yesterday! :)

Also looked through photos of me at my biggest of 15 stone, then at the ones of me when I was 9, and all the weights inbetween and I'm so inspired to do it! Ive pencilled my mum in for a new wardrobe shop, the last week of January too- exciting!!
I'm with you on the water moonbeam, only done half litre so far, very very bad Porgeous! Have banged the heating up to full blast so hopefully should feel a bit warmer sooner!

Well done on getting to the size 14s, I am going to try a pair this weekend but think I am being a little optimistic but my 16s are very baggy - we'll see!


Sussex - I've been a very good girl!! Had my frozen choc tetra last night while BF stuffed his fillet steak & chips! He has it rare so the blood on the plate was enough to kerb any temptations :jelous:. How you doing?? Said your daily mantra yet???? Enjoy the tournament this weekend - sounds like loadsa fun!

Glad to hear it Dobbie. I won't be around at the weekend to keep an eye on you, so make sure you're a good girl please :D

I can't do the tetra's frozen - just don't find them appealing. I have all my tetras hot and diluted a bit, hence why I'm not looking forward to slurping them straight from the carton :cry:

The steak and chips would've sounded appealing if BF had cooked the steak a bit more. I can't eat meat dripping with blood - yuk.

The tournaments are normally good fun and there are 10 of us going up, so I'm quite looking forward to it. Both my daughters have entered but the competition is tough so any trophies are a bonus!!

Well I've just taken all the pics that have been sitting on my digital camera off, and put them onto my pc. My diet pics are pretty gloomy to look at. I had no idea my backside and thighs were soooo big :eek:

I'm not posting any pics till I've lost loads more weight, then I might share them on here as before and after - maybe :eek:

enough waffle again for now. I'm off to do a few more jobs off my list and this afternoon I am walking the dog with my friend, through the woods, so that should burn a few calories off. :D

back a bit later :wave_cry:
Ive just been brave and posted up photos of me at my biggest, start of the diet, and 1 month in. And as a reminder that I can do it, Ive put up a skinny one of me from 5 year ago!

Sussex Girl: I'm sure the camera does lie! :p got my DH to take my month in photos last night, and I still look terrible!

It feels strangely good posting them up, made me even more determined to never look like this again !!
MoonBeam - well done for posting your pics. If you carry on SS you'll soon be where you want to with your weight. :D

The journey is tough sometimes though, isn't it :eek:

There's no way I'm posting mine yet. The camera definitely doesn't lie, my bum and thighs are mahoosive :cry::cry:

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