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last week i got weighed and sighed as i'd only lost a 1Lb

actually i was depressed all week :(

anyway i got weighed this morning and i'd lost 7Lb


*excuse me whilst i jump rpund the room punching the air with joy*

drinking more water really does work

Water is the key to the mad diet!!

Well done, well done!!
thats brilliant well done you and well done for sticking with it through the good and bad times!!!

Gen xx
ooooh, well done you!!

im hoping that will be the same for me!

im on week 3 and in 5 days ive lost 1lb, im hoping that next week ill have a better loss. i know there's still couple days till weigh in but I think im retaining water.

i'll just keep on glugging!!!

congrats to you:D

thats what kept me going tracie

*i drank water till it came out of my ears*

didnt need any excersize ive been joggin up n down the loo every 15 minutes : )

fingers crossed -your running round the liveing room whooping with joy at your weigh in

(ive just texted hubby i was so happy - he thinks ive gone nuts)
Fantastic word I'm going to nick it for next week when I'm going to get that good loss. I've been drinking the water too and being sooo good after a few weeks of the odd pound off I'm confident of a good loss too!

I am thrilled for you. It must be great to see that number 11 I am anxiously waiting to see that one again too! So happy for you. Dizzy
Excellent loss this week!!!

Well done. You deserve to be jumping around..... It's burns the calories as well.

Here's to next week. Keep glugging that water.

Jazzy xx
thanks you lot

i expect plenty of **woo-hoos * of you all when you all get weighed to :)

i celebrated by nicking my daughters dorithy perkins card ((dont tell her)) and buying my self the brightest red skirt i could get my hands on

its a tad on the erm -tight side- but its something to work towards aint it