Woohoooo!!! Had my 1st weigh in tonight


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Wow - fantastic! Imagine what it'll be like by day 7!!

Well done you :D


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Hi all

Well just wanted to share my news with you all!!!

Went to see my CDC tonight to swap some flavours over & she asked if i wanted to jump on the scales?!

So after 4 days i have managed to lose 6.5lbs!!!!!!!!!!:D :D

I am so flippin chuffed, really has spurred me on.

Lorraine xx


Hi Lorraine,

Congrats' 6.5lbs. is a good one for 4 days!!!

This is marvelous incentive for the rest of the week!


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Keep "spurred on" Lorraine!!!!...you're off to a fantastic start:D


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Thats good going!! Well done hun :)


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Brilliant, can't wait for day 7's results. You are cooking with gas!


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Congrats to you, just the incentive you need to carry on.
Keep on smilin'!