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Woopy do day two!!!

Managed to drink three litres of water yesterday,Started today on a vanilla shake ive already been to the loo 6 times lol. Now having a strawberry although didnt do a good job at getting the lumps out urgh.No headaches.Dont feel hungry, although the smells in the office at lunchtime is a bit hard.. but anyway hope everyone else is doing ok :wave_cry:
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Sounds like you are doing really well - best of luck for your WI!


Here we go again!
Keep going and it gets easier. You get used to the nice food smells and ignoring them or just not letting them bother you. Keep up the water intake, it really is important. Hope you have a great first wi!
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well done it does get easier
Woopy doo, tried the soup today and i actually liked it, so took my strawberry shakes back and swapped them for the soup, drank 4 litres of water today and im going to the loo like you wouldnt believe ( well actually you all would believe because we are doing the same diet) lol.. Anyway what time do people have shakes do you space them out over the day because i think i read on one post that someone has their first shake at 2pm is this normal ?


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I think we're all different ali - i had my first about 9.30 this morning and have only just had my second (6.30pm) ... and then only because i know I've got to fit another one in - I wasn't hungry. I don't know if it matters what time you start but I always have one if I'm going out in the morning. If I'm not it can be about 11ish beforeI have one. x


maintaining since June'09
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Nice pic!! xx


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Hi Ali,
Congrats on day 2, I'm on week two and have to say I have amazed myself by not having any cravings etc, even attempted pancakes tonight! I'm so sure so this will be THE diet that changes our lives!

I always used to have breakfast lunch and dinner before I went on LT but now I have a shake about 10ish, one about 3 and then about 730, so I won't be hungry later in the evening as that was always my 'picky' time. (Even though Ketosis ensures you are never starving hungry) - it is great!! I personally found day 3 and 4 hard, I felt headachey tired and just wanted to eat - guess it's a bit like going 'cold-turkey' but everyone's different and you'll probably be fine, just jump on here for encouragement!:p
Good luck hun xx
Lol thanks Jan !
Hi Rachieroo, well done for sticking to it, yes pancake day has been a bit tricky. I made the kids sausage, mash and beans for tea which was really hard too, ive not felt hungry but i think thats cause i am drinking shed loads of water, but hopefully will having glowing skin soon lol. I will just keep sniffing food for now lol
i just done day 1 :)

day 1 done,,,, slight headache but i gonna get in bed early and sleep it away..... i not starving..jusst an iccle bit hungry ! lol i drunk fair bit of water and had trips too loo ....... i have 4 stone too lose.......... x <3
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well done, keep to it and watch the lbs drop off.
Not sure if this is a good thing or not, my son has said i have cat breath !!!! and my daughter didnt want to give me a kiss goodnight lol. I hope this is my body going into ketosis !!!:cry:


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Yay!!!! Ketosis Rocks!!! :):) xx Sounds like it ali - should be much easier now!! xx


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Congrats hun you are doing really well! I actually work shifts so every week i am on a different pattern and i also work nights. I tend to have one whenever i get up and then space the other two out. Now i tend to forget the 3rd shake and often don't feel i need it. It is so important that you do have all 3 though and like everyone else says - make sure you drink loads of water. x

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