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Work while on exante

Hey everyone,

I started exante 3 days ago. I am feeling weak but sticking with it. I am starting a new job on Tuesday and have lunch with all the staff. My concern is how I should have my bars at lunch without getting all the questions about being on a diet?

How did you all cope at work and what reaction did your co workers have? I just don't want to get "is that all your having" attitude.

Thanks xx
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Maybe you can say you have a huge meal planned in the evening and dont want to have a big lunch as you have a small appetite.
I have always been honest and got loads of support, only once or twice i've been questioned about how healthy it is, like I tell them i had high blood pressure, high colestrol (sry about the spelling) aching joints and heart disease in the family and alot more un heathy at 8 stone over weight lol.
Good luck with the new job x


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Hi Savannah,

People at work were fine with me on it - in fact they jokingly call it the space food diet :) Probably helped for me that I had two other staff who had done LL.

I've had all the Exante products while at work and no issues, people get used to it after a while and I am an adult afterall.

If your worried why not just say you don't eat much at lunchtime if you don't want to share just yet :)

Good luck on your journey x
I've started on a week off and am going back to work next week. Slightly different as not a new job but I've told some of the people there what I'll be doing. I think most people know of this type of diet and if they can't cope without making snide remarks I think that says more about them than you to be honest.

Either way the novelty will wear off for them pretty quick, or you could just always walk out for lunch and have your bar in a local park

You could make a soup and say you're trying to be good so only having a cuppa soup at lunch?
Hiya, I started my new job a month ago and started Exante 2 days ago. It probaly helped that the two girls next to me have become good friends too. But they've been nothing but supportive. And most of the men just ignore it! They don't understand it, but aren't really that interested. In all honesty, the girls have been a godsend because they keep egging me on shouting 'Skinny!' at me when I'm looking at the Deli menu a little too long LOL xxxx
Hi, I started exante TS 3 weeks ago. I'm currently at university and found my friends asked questions the first few days but now it is just the norm :) I have lost a stone and my friends are really encouraging :) don't worry too much....just play it down and it will become the norm in no time at all! focus on the excitment of starting a new job :) have a great day and stay strong x


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For me personally i recieved a fair bit of grief so on my break i said i was going to the changing room to speak to my OH on the phone. Used to make up my shakes that way. Think they sussed me in the end but was easier that way and i didnt have to face the 'looks'. Hopefully itll be better for you :)


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That's shocking, I can't believe people would be like that and be so cruel.

Well done for still going ahead and having your shake. But the thought of you having to hide away to do it, is sad :(

You'd think that they would support you for wanting to sort yourself out!!

Keep your chin up, good luck and stay strong!! How far are you into the diet?
Will be starting exante at the beginning of July. Was using LT at the time. I work for the NHS and more importantly in the kitchens so maybe this explains the reactions. I dont let it bother me, at the end of the day its my choice and my body.


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Well said!! :D
I have always found that a quick way to shut people up is to say 'my doctor recommended' such and such. You could say your doctor wants you to have special nutritional bars for a while to correct a mineral deficiency. ;) No one has to know the real reason unless you want them to know. On the flipside, maybe someone there is thinking of losing weight, and you being open about it will give them the courage to talk about it.

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